27 Best Halo Tattoo Ideas 

About Halo Tattoos

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

There are a few tattoo designs that can stand the test of time. And Halo tattoos are one of them. Simple, delicate, and oh-so-popular these designs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

From celebrities to famous tattoo artists, many people are interested in these tattoos. So, it’s no surprise that there are lots of variations of these little beauties popping up everywhere. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting a halo tattoo, then know you’re not alone!

But, a few questions might be running through your mind. Such as, what’s the best design for me? and what’s the most notable and significant way to design this tattoo? If so, you’ve landed on the right article.

Here, I’m not just going to discuss halo tattoo ideas. I’ll also explore the cultural significance of the halo and give you an idea of where these tattoos come from, and how much they might cost.

Plus, I’ll tell you which celebrities have one of these trendy tattoos.

What Do Halo Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

Considering that halos have been around since the beginning of recorded time, they carry a hefty load of significance and meaning

If you simply love these orb-shaped halos, then we suggest adding this delicate hovering circle to your tattoo design however you see fit. However, before you get inked, you might like to know what these tattoos mean and symbolize. If so, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, many people automatically associate halos with angels.

That’s because we’re surrounded by modern pop culture that frequently showcases these little do-gooders sporting their angelic caps. But back in the day, halos were less playful and more serious. In Christianity, they symbolized the Holy Trinity

Also, in medieval art, Jesus is often seen wearing a halo, and in Roman art, it’s the sun-god Helios who is constantly followed by a halo.

Among what seems like an infinite number of meanings, halos and halo tattoos can symbolize the following ideas:

  • Divinity
  • Sacredness
  • Light
  • Grace
  • Bliss

So, if you’re looking to get a halo tattoo simply for the fun of getting a cool piece of art, have at it! But if you’re hoping to portray a deeper meaning, then feel free to take your pick.

It’s pretty cool and amazing that you can wear such a simple orb on your body and have it signify so many cultural and historical things.

Where To Get A Halo Tattoo

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

Since halo tattoos can make their way onto your skin in such diverse ways, there’s no limit to where you can get your new ink. It just depends on which style you prefer or what kind of halo ideas you have.

For example, if you’d prefer an ‘as small as it gets’ tattoo, you might just be getting a dimesized outline of a halo. If so, then a great place for such a delicate and discreet halo tattoo is on the inside of your finger, or at the base of your wrist. 

Then again, you could be topping off a lengthy script with a halo. If that’s the case, then you might want to opt for your forearm or across the shoulder blades of your back. Although a greater commitment, these are fantastic spots to showcase a name or phrase, especially when tying in a halo.

Another great spot for this tattoo is the shoulder. Since halos are round, they would complement the curve of the shoulder nicely. And when added to a portrait tattoo or a drawing of some sort, a halo tattoo is a fantastic way to add contour and curve to a tattoo design.

If none of those locations suit your fancy, and you really want to keep things simple, there are lots of locations you can choose for your halo tattoo—such as the nape of the neck, behind the ear, or on the foot.

How Much Do Halo Tattoos Cost?

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

How much your halo tattoo will cost entirely depends on how you’re choosing to display this delicate little orb. A big part of what will help determine the price of any tattoo is, as always, how big it’s going to be, and where it’s going to be placed.

Also, will it be shaded, color, or just an outline? These are other factors that could increase the cost.

Since halos themselves can be as simple as a 3D circle, there’s a chance you can get a quarter-sized halo tattoo inked in less than an hour and walk out spending only $100. However, that’s an unlikely scenario because, without any context, the halo will be rather ordinary and plain.

So, if we’re going to consider the bigger picture, like using the halo as a frame or as a design accent to a tribute tattoo, then you might be spending a bit more money. 

The best practice is to source your artist first and see what their fees are. For instance, do they charge by the hour or do they give you a set price based on the design? Answering these questions will clear up a lot of gray areas.

To be more specific, in terms of cost, there’s a bit more of a sliding scale.

For example, if you’re looking to cap a tribute tattoo with a halo, that will run you more than just popping it on top of some script. Or, if you’re using it as a frame and getting it shaded, that will be less expensive than if you got it in color. 

The following chart should give a rough idea of how much your tattoo might cost:

  • Shaded tribute tattoo, 8” x 8”: $400$500
  • Basic script and outline of halo, 4” x 4”: $200$300
  • Shaded frame, 4” x 4”: $300$400
  • Color frame, 4” x 4”: $400$500

27 Best Halo Tattoo Designs


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas


Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

History Of Halo Tattoos

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

Halos have plenty of historical significance. After all, they’re naturally associated with angels, and angels are linked to religion. And, well, religion is the beginning of all things, isn’t it? Up next, we’ll explore a few of these halo meanings.

In terms of religion, cultures all over the world see the halo as a symbolic orb, including ancient Greece, Rome, and Persia.

Its first appearance in religious literature was as a sign of solar divinity. It was also thought to represent the glory of the divine. So, it’s no wonder that angels in today’s pop culture have a halo floating atop their heads.

In more modern times, these hovering orbs still might represent a sort of purity. But, they’re often used in more diverse contexts, rather than just in religious ones.

That’s likely why halo tattoos have become a popular way to pay homage to these little circles—they add a certain touch of hope to artistic designs and ideas.

Among some other historical meanings, halo tattoos can be linked to the following cultures and religions:

  1. Catholicism
  2. Christianity
  3. Zoroastrian
  4. Iran

With such solid ancient roots and diverse meanings attached to this simple design, it’s clear why halo tattoos have risen in popularity over the years. And now, they seem to have a solid place in tattoo culture.

Which Celebrities Have A Halo Tattoo?

Best Halo Tattoo Ideas

In the trending world of tattoo art, there are a few designs that are becoming more popular than others. Here’s one of the reasons why that is: celebrities and icons have been spotted with these tattoos.

Of course, the halo tattoo is one of them. Currently, halo designs are becoming a frequent project for some of the most noted tattoo artists, and have been seen on the skin of some famous celebs. 

Keep in mind that halo tattoos can be worn alone, which you don’t see often, or used as an accent to bigger and bolder tattoos. For example, there are plenty of famous folks out there who have used the halo as a hovering orb to complement another design, like a tribute tattoo.

Other celebs have used the halo as a frame for a picture inside, or to add an angelic twist to something a little more mischievous.

For instance, Kellie Pickler has a halo tattoo as part of a bigger design. The purpose of the tattoo is to pay homage to a name that’s printed on her foot. The halo gives an understanding that the name belongs to someone who is deceased.

Meanwhile, Jemima Kirke has used a halo tattoo to complete a design that gives a nod to life and death, as it hovers above a skull.

This may be a metaphorical reference, and the halo tattoo lives on her wrist, where it can be seen by all.

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