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About Resilient Tattoos

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Part of our journey in life involves experiencing trials and tribulations that lead to growth. Everyone undergoes obstacles, some more difficult than others.

But, it’s how we overcome them that shows our true character. Many people choose to honor and reflect on their inner strength by getting resilient tattoos.

A resilient tattoo is a reminder. One glance at the design and you’ll remember that no battle was ever too big for you to conquer.

The word can be designed in a variety of fonts and styles—from minimalistic options or lavish details. This article will help you choose the best resilient tattoo designs that speak to you. 

After reading this guide, you’ll understand:

  • Resilient tattoo meanings and symbolism 
  • Best areas to get the tattoo on your body
  • Costs you can expect for the artwork
  • Lots of resilient tattoo ideas 

What Do Resilient Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

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By definition, the word ‘resilient’ means that a person or thing can withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations.

The truth is, we’ve all been resilient at one point or another. So, this tattoo idea leaves no one behind and in some way can resonate with everyone. 

Most people get a resilient tattoo to symbolize a hard period in their life where they were able to bounce back, rebuild themselves, and move forward.

If you’re a lover of tattoos that have underlying symbolism, then this tattoo is one to consider. The beauty of this word is that it has a different meaning for each individual.

Every resilient tattoo will be unique and different from the one before—even though each tattoo is made up of the same word. That’s because each person achieved their resilience in different ways while fighting different hardships. 

So getting this tattoo is a way to take a permanent, important step forward and away from the people, places, or things holding you back. 

A person may also get a resilient tattoo because ‘resilience’ is a characteristic they have.

For instance, they may have the ability to notice and identify a person or problem that is holding them back. Being aware of this, making strides to solve the problem, and moving forward is what resilience is all about. 

The ability to have a level of self-control once the issue is identified is also important. Resilient individuals can usually manage to stay calm and handle their emotions no matter what life throws at them. 

Plus, resilience has a lot to do with focusing on the positive aspect of situations, no matter how difficult they are. So, being in touch with your feelings and inner emotions says a great deal about your resilient personality. 

The meaning of the word is easy to find and understand—all it takes is a quick Google search or scanning through a dictionary (if you still even have one).

But, it’s the symbolism of resilience tattoos that makes them so special. That’s because there is no one definition of the word

The word resonates in a special and distinct way with each person. So, you can create your own resilient tattoo meaning and share your unique story of strength with the world. 

Where To Get A Resilient Tattoo

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Since the word ‘resilient’ means to ‘get back up after being knocked down,’ it’s only appropriate if you got the word tattooed vertically—as if it were moving upwards on your body.

That said, there are a few spots on the body where a resilient tattoo would look best:

  • Forearm
  • Spine
  • Finger
  • Ribcage
  • Wrist
  • Neck
  • Hip

Since the tattoo you’re getting is a rather delicate design—featuring a deep meaning and intricate lettering—it’s important to get the ink in a spot you can keep safe.

This means avoiding areas that have constant exposure to the elements

Exposure to excessive sun, water, sweat, and rubbing might make your resilient tattoo fade more quickly, especially if it features soft, thin linework.

Since this tattoo is focused on a single word, you don’t want your ink to get distorted otherwise the font may be unreadable, which defeats the whole purpose of the tattoo. 

Since your resilient tattoo design will likely be intricate, it will need some extra attention and care while it heals and afterward. For the first few weeks, keeping the ink moisturized and away from the sun or water is crucial.

Your artist will likely tell you to purchase a fragrance-free moisturizer to consistently apply to the tattoo over the course of a few weeks. 

It is also imperative that you avoid picking or rubbing the scab during the healing process. 

Following this advice will ensure that your tattoo heals as smoothly and perfectly as possible.

We want you to be the happiest you can be with your resilient tattoo—after all, it is permanent! But if you’re ever unsure what to do, consult with your tattoo artist about care instructions.

How Much Do Resilient Tattoos Cost?

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Not many people walk into a studio blind and unaware of prices so we’re guessing you want to know how much a resilient tattoo will cost you.

Obviously, only the artist can give you an exact price. But, we can help you estimate the final cost based on a few variables:

  1. Size of the tattoo
  2. Amount of details incorporated into the design
  3. Time spent designing
  4. Quality of the ink being used
  5. Tattoo style and if special skills are needed

Basically, the bigger your tattoo and the more time spent during the creative process will make the total price of your design go up. The same goes for the type of ink your artist uses. Using better quality ink will also increase the cost.  

Here’s some advice: never try to seek out the lowest deal between studios. You want your artist to value the quality of their work and their ink. The better the ink, the better the finished tattoo will look and the longer it will last

There are many different styles of tattoos you can choose from. Most of the time resilient tattoos are designed in a minimalistic style—this means gentle lines or smaller sizing.

Regardless of the style you choose, it might be a good idea to look for an artist who specializes in that style. This will ensure you get the best tattoo and leave the shop happy with your newest ink!

31 Best Resilient Tattoo Designs


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History Of The Resilient Tattoo

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Although resilient tattoos have only grown trendy within the last few years, the word itself has a long history. In the early 17th century, the word was brought into the English language.

It originated from the Latin verb ‘resilire, which means ‘to recoil or rebound.’ 

However, a few decades later, the word gained a more powerful meaning. It appeared in the legends and work of sailors across the globe.

Robert Mallet is the first to have left written evidence of the word ‘resilient.’ His definition was used to describe the durability of materials for the Royal Navy’s fighting ships. 

From that point on, the word ‘resilience’ meant that certain materials could sustain severe conditions without breaking or ruining.

Here’s a fun fact: modern-day studies have shown that learning how to sail, especially in younger development, helps build traits of resilience!

To this day, the word itself is constantly evolving. It is used to define various concepts and is featured in many studies, but even the top professionals are still researching what it takes to be resilient and how a person can achieve this trait. 

For example, Dr. Norman Garmezy is referred to as the founder of resilience research. He studies youth who grew up in broken homes or had unfortunate childhoods. 

But, it is hard to coin the term since it means something totally different to each person. Some people may experience similar hardships, but the feelings, circumstances, and solutions are always unique to the individual.

Mallet’s definition of the word is the meaning we are most familiar with today. Most would associate being ‘resilient’ with being able to handle tough scenarios.

So, the growing popularity of a resilient tattoo can be credited to the sailing community’s history

Which Celebrities Have A Resilient Tattoo?

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It seems like celebrities are either late to the trend or hiding their resilient tattoos. But, as we said, the meaning of the tattoo is interpreted differently by everyone.

Instead of getting a dainty resilience tattoo, model Freja Beha Erichsen chose the word ‘redemption’ instead. The Danish fashion star has the ink on her inner forearm in light cursive scripture.

Even though this article talks about resilient tattoos in written styles, we don’t want to limit your options. The word itself actually has a lot of different symbols to represent what it means.

For example, lions, lotus flowers, or even oak trees are symbols of resilience. So, if you’re wanting to step outside the box then this might be the way to do it!

Demi Lovato has a portrait of a lion tattooed on the back of her hand. The singer has said that the realistic design is a reminder of her strength, courage, and resilience while battling mental health issues.

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