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Finding The Best Stores Like Lulus

Lulus is an online women-centric boutique that creates and sells trends with the comfort and style expectations of their customers in mind.

Through their efforts of keeping up with the current trends in fashion, they were able to make their name as an affordable luxury brand. 

Of course, this makes us wonder about other stores like Lulus that have been able to create that same identity since fashion is something that’s very important to everyone. And it should be accessible to everyone as well.

Lulus does this by keeping you at the forefront. Their mission is to create “and design sophisticated, chic, and modern styles” that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

This is a brand that makes women feel good about themselves by incorporating the ideals of women empowerment in their stylistic creations and their company work environment.


With so many amazing things to love about Lulus, here are a few more reasons why this brand has gained so much popularity and love from women all around the world: 

  • Women use #lovelulus for sharing their images of wearing and styling their Lulus outfits for any and every occasion
  • This gives you the opportunity to view pictures of real women wearing Lulus on the website, so you never feel like you have to look a specific ‘model-like’ way to style your Lulus dresses and other outfits
  • You can feel like a total celebrity by using their Live Chat option with a stylist for all of your styling questions and concerns—and it happens to be completely free of cost!
  • Have bigger concerns to worry about? A wedding, perhaps? They offer a ‘Bridal Concierge’ and a free consultation to discuss your wedding and bridesmaids attire
  • They offer worldwide shipping for a cost. Unless, you spend over a certain amount that they’ve listed based on your location, and then it’s free to get your dream outfits delivered to your door!

Of course, with all of these perks, you might be thinking, Why can’t there be more stores like Lulus? We hear you, girl!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 best dress stores like Lulus that you will absolutely love—especially when you need that next dress—with or without an occasion. 

How We Chose The Best Stores Like Lulus

Of course, with all of the online store choices out there, we had to handpick a few that are most similar to Lulus based on a variety of features. Here are some things we considered when trying to find similar stores like Lulus:

  • Price

Lulus is a brand that features the option of shopping by price or discount, so the stores we chose had to match those pricing options.

They’re also a brand that makes free shipping available on a purchase of $50 and over for US ground shipping and $150 and over for Canada. 

So, finding stores that offer similar options for shipping and delivery pricing was something else we looked into.

  • Style

Lulus offers a wide variety of styles (such as color trends) and shopping by occasion to give you a variety of choices in your hunt for the best outfits.

As a result, we had to find retailers that also offer a variety of trends, and give you plenty of options to put together your next outfit in the most fashionable way.

  • Quality

Another factor that we kept in mind when trying to find stores like Lulus was the quality of the clothing.

Lulus offers a promise of high-quality clothing that’s made with “superior construction and high-end finishes.” 

So, we developed our list of stores similar to Lulus, keeping the quality of fabrics, materials, and manufacturing/sustainability methods in mind.

  • Selection

With an abundance of selection available at Lulus, we had to find stores that were able to provide the same selection for you.

Online stores that host feature shops, different collections, and various trends similar to Lulus are the ones that have been included in our list below. 

  • Convenience 

When it comes to online shopping, convenience is key for all customers.

This is true all over the online shopping world—whether that means being able to find items from current and past trends, or being able to have your apparel shipped and delivered quickly and conveniently to your homes.

Lulus keeps convenience in mind by offering international shipping with a charge. And you can be assured that we considered shipping and delivery for every store listed below.

So, convenience was definitely a determining factor in whether a store could be listed as one similar to Lulus.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

When shopping online—where the ability to try on an outfit is not present—sizing concerns play a big role in whether customers want to shop from that store again.

Lulus offers a collection of ‘extended sizing’ options under their ‘dresses’ tab to make some of their clothing more inclusive for women of any shape and size.

We’ve found some stores below that offer a wide range of sizes in their collections for women in every shape, size, or stage in life. So, you can stay in style and feel confident in who you are.

10 Best Stores Like Lulus

#1 – Petal + Pup

Finding stores like Lulus can be challenging, especially when you’re looking for retailers with similar styles and selections.

Petal & Pup is one of these stores that gives you a wide selection of styles to choose from, so you’re never left wondering what and where to shop next.

It is slightly more expensive than Lulus, and does not host extended sizing collections. But, it does offer free shipping for orders over $100, and some of their clothes run larger than the size provided.

In fact, they have a feature installed for some of their dresses to let their customers know if something ‘runs small,’ is ‘true to size,’ or ‘runs large.’

This brand is a great option for those who enjoy shopping from online stores like Lulus that organize their clothing into patterned and current style selections.

#2 – Princess Polly

Princess Polly has very similar price ranges compared to Lulus. This store is great for giving you a range of selections and styles within the same budget that you’d have for Lulus, so you don’t have to spend more than you expected to. 

Also similar to Lulus, this brand has a plus-size selection wonderfully titled ‘All Curves Collection.’

It further exceeds Lulus’ collection because it has an environmentally-conscious selection labeled ‘Sustainable Range’ to promote clothing made out of sustainable materials.

The shipping is free for orders over $50 within the USA, but the company will charge you an additional cost if you want express shipping.

Additionally, there’s an option for next-day delivery within the USA, but you have to make sure that you’ve placed your order prior to 2:00 pm PST. So, when you’re looking for stores like Lulus, Princess Polly is definitely one to consider.

#3 – Reformation

With a focus on sustainability, Reformation offers a range of styles for the ordinary and extraordinary events of life. When you’re on the hunt trying to find stores like Lulus and specific collections like Lulus, then Reformation is one that you definitely must check out. 

Although this store is definitely more expensive than Lulus, they do offer clothes that are made from recycled and upcycled materials.

So, you can be sure that the environment is being taken care of, while they’re also taking care of you and bringing your dream dresses to reality. 

Also, similar to Lulus, they offer a wedding collection along with a ‘wedding help desk’ to help answer all of your inquiries about types, styles, and sizing options for wedding attire.

And best of all, shipping is free worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs along with paying for your dream designs.

#4 – Pink Lily Boutique

Looking for a store that’s similar in style to Lulus and at times even more affordable?

Well, look no further, because Pink Lily Boutique offers a selection similar to Lulus and a variety of price ranges to make sure that you spend within or even below your budget!

When you’re trying to find clothing stores like Lulus, this store is a great option because they also have reasonable pricing. 

Additionally, they carry a plus-size collection and shoppers have the ability to choose from a selection of trends, which gives you more style options.

So, whether you’re looking to rock some boho-chic attire or a trendy ruffled look, they’ve got you covered with their collection.

They have a shipping charge for the delivery of your purchases, but they do offer you a few shipping options: you can either go with standard, next-two-days, or next-day delivery.

This is so you can choose how fast you want your shipment to arrive and how much you’re willing to spend on it.

#5 – Pixie Market

When you’re trying to find stores like Lulus, Pixie Market is another retailer that you should check out.

Although it’s more expensive than Lulus and offers a smaller collection of styles, it’s one that uses quality fabrics and materials in their collection.

Pixie Market specializes in silk, satin, soft wool, and knit fabrics to give your wardrobe an extra dose of comfort and quality.

In other words, even your purchased casuals will feature breathable and moveable materials and will continue to feel comfortable and new for a very long time.

Shipping from Pixie Market can be free depending on how much you spend on your total purchase.

But, there’s an additional charge for duties and taxes for countries other than Canada, so keep this in mind when shopping.

#6 – Hello Molly

Whether you’re looking for dress stores like Lulus or websites like Lulus, there’s no possibility of skipping over Hello Molly.

This online store offers a plethora of styles similar to Lulus’ apparel with the added benefit of matching Lulus’ prices as well. 

Hello Molly carries many different trends and styles of outfits and ensures that shipping is free within the USA and some other countries when you spend $100 or more.

Whether you’re looking for something as generic as a ‘dress to party in,’ or as specific as a ‘pink floral print dress,’ Hello Molly has got all of your outfit needs covered.

It also hosts a wide range of sale items for you to choose from, which actually makes this one of the most affordable online store options to go for when you need a classy outfit that doesn’t break your bank.

#7 – Red Dress Boutique

Another retailer on our list of stores like Lulus is Red Dress Boutique. This is an online retailer that offers a variety of trendy clothing options for women.

They specialize in bringing you sexy, classy, and elegant dresses and they have several collections dedicated to other types of attire as well.

Whenever you’re looking for stores like lulus for dresses—both casual and partywear—Red Dress Boutique is one that will not disappoint you.

They also have an entire collection dedicated to denim and loungewear, so you can shop for your comfy, lazy-day attire along with your hyped-up party clothes.

Their shipping and delivery policy is also quite convenient, and it makes your entire shopping experience hassle-free. They provide free standard shipping for orders over $75 in the Continental US.

But, their shipping is limited to Canada, the US, and Mexico only due to covid restrictions in place in other countries.

#8 – ASTR The Label

Looking for sites like Lulus that feature outfit shops? If so, then ASTR The Label might just be the store for you!

You can pick from a large variety of trendy outfits organized based on the type of attire. Whether you check out their ‘Spring in Color’ or ‘It’s Date Night’ sections, you cannot go wrong with all the right choices at ASTR.

Even though some clothes and outfits are more expensive than Lulus’ apparel, ASTR offers styles that are both contemporary and classic.

With all the exciting variety in their lines, you can style their pieces in the manner you choose and put together a fashionable outfit.

As for shipping, it’s free for orders over $75 in the continental US, or you can choose to pay for express shipping to get your hands on your favorite styles quickly and conveniently.

They also offer international shipping to Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany. But, there is a shipping cost associated with international duties and taxes.

#9 – Nasty Gal

Always worried about sizing matters when it comes to shopping online? Nasty Gal offers a wide selection of sizes for women through their ‘Shop by Shape’ feature on their website (ranging from petite to plus sizes).

They also offer a selection titled ‘Maternity & Beyond’ to make their brand more inclusive for all types of women.

This online store is especially perfect if you’re looking for shops like Lulus, but want something even more affordable.

With promos like 30% off everything, an additional 15% off using code GET15, and a section of sale items for 80% off, you’re bound to find fashionable items that fit your budget.

They do have a cost for standard and express shipping for Canada, the US, and other countries.

But, they have ongoing shipping perks like the current ‘free two-day shipping’ deal for the month of March for customers in the US, which is definitely hard to find elsewhere.

#10 – Missguided

Are you looking for a store that not only understands women but also aims to create an environment of confidence and comfort for being who you are?

Don’t be misguided (yes, we do love puns; how did you know?) by looking elsewhere, since Missguided is your one-stop-shop for fashion that’s all about empowering women.

With selections that are even more affordable than Lulus, you know that you won’t have to break your bank to look boldly stylish. They also have a variety in sizes in their plus-size, tall, petite, and maternity collections to bring you fashion that’s for all women. 

Their shipping costs vary based on the country that you’re getting your items shipped to, so you’ll need to make a note of that when making your purchase.

But, they do have a VIP Standard Shipping membership for regular US customers, so you can pay an annual fee of $18 to get unlimited free standard shipping throughout the year on all of your favorite styles.

Which Stores Like Lulus Are Closest In Comparison?

Although all of these stores listed above are similar to Lulus, there are some that are more similar compared to others.

Stores like Lulus that are most similar to Lulus are these four:

  • Princess Polly
  • Hello Molly
  • Red Dress Boutique
  • ASTR the Label

The format of their online boutiques, the prices of their clothing, and their selection of trendy, stylish clothes are what make these stores so much like Lulus.

Which Stores Like Lulus Are The Most Affordable?

Looking for the most affordable styles? There are some stores like Lulus that are more affordable than others.

Pink Lily Boutique, Hello Molly, Nasty Gal, and Missguided are some of the stores that offer more affordable styles and selections than others listed above.

So, if you’re looking for a variety of clothing and trying to stay within a budget, then we recommend checking out these stores.

Which Stores Like Lulus Offer The Best Quality?

When it comes to quality, you’ll want to look for retailers that pay attention to the sustainability of their clothes as well as the environment.

Brands that are able to do both are the following: Reformation, Princess Polly, Pixie Market, ASTR the Label, and Nasty Gal.

These retailers put quality at the forefront, so you can be assured that their clothes will be long-lasting, and you won’t feel guilty about harming the environment as well.

Final Thoughts

We all know that when we love a store so much, we absolutely have to find others that are similar to it. And with an exceptional online boutique like Lulus, you’re bound to want to shop from other retailers that offer similar styles, selections, trends, and prices.

With our carefully created list of stores like Lulus above, you can be assured that all of your online shopping needs will be covered.

Whether you’re looking for similar quality items, prices, or the convenience that Lulus has, you should definitely check out our list of stores above. That way you can shop hassle-free and worry-free on your next shopping adventure.

So, the next time you’re looking for stores like Lulus, you now have a list of them to explore for buying all of your bold, chic, trendy, and/or contemporary outfits.

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