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Overview of Madewell

Madewell is an American retailer that provides its customers with reliable denim and basics to wear with jeans. Their products can be bought online or at their select in-store locations across North America. 

The men’s and women’s clothing store has built a trustworthy reputation based on their high-quality materials—let’s just say that Madewell is made well.

Since the brand is loved by our fellow fashionistas, we’ve made a list of stores like Madewell that are similar in quality, price, style, and convenience. After comparing the stores in this list, you’ll be sure to find more than enough items to add to your closet. 

The highlights list below shows you what makes Madewell a great choice for your next shopping adventure. It also gives you a quick glimpse of what makes the upcoming list of stores like Madewell so alluring.


  • Selections for women and men
  • Reliable, durable denim that ranges from $100 – $130 on average
  • Options for plus, maternity, and petite sizing
  • Variety of shoes for sale 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rewards account for dedicated customers to earn special perks 
  • Madewell Forever sells ‘preloved’ denim to help reduce the company’s environmental footprint

How We Chose the Best Stores Like Madewell

Before we get into all the best stores like Madewell, let’s go over our criteria for choosing each company below. 


Madewell’s prices are on the more expensive side—with the average shirt costing between $80 – $100 and their jeans usually range from $100 – $130.

The stores like Madewell we’ve listed below will either be similar in price and quality or more affordable but still offer durable pieces for your closet. 


Madewell’s collection is vibrant and provides you with go-to basics that need to be in your closet. Your favorite white tee and the denim you could just live in are all about to be found at Madewell. 

These clothing stores like Madewell will follow the basic trends, while some will take things up a notch and add a bit of funk and flair to their designs. 


The best highlight about the company may be the high-quality materials and fabrics used to curate their products. Their clothing is known for its durable, long-lasting fabrics, like denim or cotton, that’ll be sure to hang in your closet for as long as you need them to. 

These stores similar to Madewell all value good quality designs, but some may be on the higher end of the spectrum than others. 


Madewell has a wide variety when it comes to its selection. The retailer sells denim, sweaters, swimwear, dresses, in their clothing line. On top of that, they also sell shoes and accessories for their customers.

Their broad selection has men’s, women’s, and maternity collections. Some of these stores like Madewell will have a similar selection and cater to the same clientele. 


As we mentioned, Madewell can be found through a quick search online or in select locations around North America. Certain chains on this list will even expand their locations globally, making them an even more convenient choice. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Madewell checks all of our boxes in the diversity and inclusivity department. The company provides products for men, women, and pregnant women.

They also have plus-size options in-store and online. A quick browse through their website and you’ll notice models of all shapes and backgrounds

These shops similar to Madewell hold the same standards for inclusion. So, if you’re looking for clothes like Madewell sells, check out the list of top-12 stores below. 

12 Best Stores Like Madewell

#1 – Levi’s

Levi’s is a great example of stores like Madewell but cheaper. Levi’s is known for their denim just like Madewell is, but their prices are slightly lower (costing $80 – $100 on average).

Like Madewell, Levi’s also offers a secondhand option on their website

Aside from their online variety, the brand is available worldwide in over 100 countries.

Levi’s stays extremely inclusive. They offer sizes up to 34 in jeans and their models represent women and men everywhere. 

#2 – Pacsun

Pacsun sells jeans with a more youthful, urban vibe stitched into them. They release designs with unique fits, textures, and colors such as cargo or dad jeans.

The prices are starting to drop at Pacsun and the average cost of their denim will range from $60 – $80

In addition to offering a unisex section, this store like Madewell also produces some of its products from sustainable materials.

Aside from their denim, Pacsun’s products are filled with bold colors and funky prints

#3 – Theory

Theory is the business chic twin to Madewell. While the retailer does sell denim, costing about $175 – $215, they focus much of their designs on pants and blazers.

This store sells clothing like Madewell which is overflowing with basics in solid colors sold online and at their locations found globally.

Theory joins the sustainability club with a few others on this list of stores like Madewell. On their website, you’ll find the Theory Good Collection which features sections to purchase sustainable fabrics like wool, linen, or cotton. 

#4 – Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch features the ‘girl-next-door’ style by selling clothing with a soft, feminine touch.

On their website, you’ll find a denim tab that includes many fits of jeans including curvy, straight leg, ‘90’s relaxed, and more.

The prices are slightly more affordable than Madewell ranging from $80 – $100

This store like Madewell is constantly giving deals to their customers online and in their over 860 in-store locations globally. The retailer also offers active and intimate collections as well as influencer collaborations

#5 – Verishop

Verishop is one of the online sites like Madewell that sells clothing for men, women, beauty products, and home goods. The fashion styles are mostly bohemian, breezy designs. The company carries products from a list of other retailers. 

Plus-size and pregnant women can also shop from the e-commerce website. Like Madewell, this online brand is convenient.

The site offers one-day shipping on most of their items with no minimum cost. And if that doesn’t get you excited then we don’t know what will!

#6 – Jenni Kayne

Based in California, Jenni Kayne is known as a lifestyle brand that sells women’s fashion and home décor.

Like Madewell, this store prioritizes good quality without risking style and comfort. The quality comes at a higher cost though, with average prices between $150 – $300

If you make a purchase at Jenni Kayne, you’ll welcome a new product into your wardrobe that will last through all the seasons and will have a long lifespan.

This retailer sells designs for everyone, including men, women, kids, and extended sizes.

#7 – Summersalt

Summersalt is your first stop on your next traveling adventure. The company focuses most of its products on swimwear, but also sells everyday threads and loungewear too.

The brand follows a unique initiative where they’ve measured the bodies of over 10,000 women to ensure their clothing fits all

Like Madewell, Summersalt is environmentally friendly and eco-conscious by using recycled material and packing for online orders.

A basic shirt here will range from $50 – $70, but the company vows they have honest prices for their designer quality products. 

#8 – Astr The Label

Astr The Label designs styles for our girly, polished fashion lovers for about $80 – $100.

Many of their products feature classy dresses or bodysuits to leave you looking effortlessly chic—and they even sell wedding-day essentials! 

This store like Madewell has basics that can be styled for almost any occasion. Astr The Label currently offers shipping throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

So, if you’re looking for your next romantic look, take a peek at this store like Madewell.

#9 – & Other Stories

This store designs its timeless fashion in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles—so you know you’re getting the most up-to-date trends.

You’re even able to shop by city so your closet can travel even if you aren’t. The prices cost much less than a plane ticket though (costing you about $90 – $110 on average). 

Like Madewell, & Other Stories has been making efforts to become a sustainable company with recycling initiatives and resourceful materials.

Search up the brand online or visit one of their many locations globally to purchase your next classically elegant piece. 

#10 – Anthropologie

Anthropologie is one of the stores similar to Madewell as it offers a variety of creative basics for a middle-aged generation of fashion lovers.

The company features comfortable fabrics with unique designs that’ll have you standing out from the crowd. Average prices here range from $80 – $120.

Aside from women’s clothing, the store also carries home, beauty, and outdoor products online and in-store. Like Madewell, Anthropologie is inclusive by offering plus and petite sizing options.

#11 – Aritzia

This next store is a personal favorite. Aritzia is filled with everyday basics made from quality fabrics that are irresistible to touch at more affordable prices of about $50 – $80.

Like Madewell, this company has lots of basics with solid colored shirts, shorts, and sweaters.

Aritzia is very eco-friendly and even offers graphics to show its environmental impact.

If the trendy, youthful styles of Aritzia fit you best, check them out online or in their many in-store locations. 

#12 –

Our last store aims to design everyday essentials for women of all body shapes, skin colors, and fashion identities.’s chic designs can be bought for low prices usually between $20 – $40. Their online website even lets you shop by occasion, including tabs like ‘vacay outfits’ or ‘lounging at home.’ 

Currently, this store like Madewell ships internationally to even the most remote corners of the world. So, all style lovers can shop the site’s constant sales and newest trends. 

Which Stores Like Madewell Are Closest In Comparison?

To save you some time that you’d rather spend shopping, we’ll summarize where you should go if you’re looking for the most similar store like Madewell. Out of all the clothing stores like Madewell, Levi’s is the most comparable.

Not only do both companies sell durable and reliable denim, but they also offer high-quality basics to add to your closet.

They also both offer extended sizes and secondhand buying options for our sustainable fashion supporters. 

Which Stores Like Madewell Are The Most Affordable?

If you’d like to save some extra cash, there are a handful of options on this list of stores like Madewell that are wallet-friendly.

Pacsun and Aritzia have similar costs for their clothing, yet Pacsun’s designs are a bit edgier and more creative. 

The most affordable on the list is since they sell most of their products at a cheaper price.

However, it is’s consistent sales and promotional offers that leave the customers coming back for more—after all, they say being affordable is one of the company’s main missions. 

Which Stores Like Madewell Offer The Best Quality?

While all of these stores have a good reputation for selling high-quality items, Jenni Kayne is definitely top of the list when it comes to quality. The company is known for releasing designer-like quality styles. 

The best part about Jenni Kayne is that it’s one of the stores like Madewell for guys and girls of all sizes so everyone can appreciate the feeling of luxury. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fashion, basics are staples in your closet. You need to be able to layer a jacket with a basic white tee or find everyday denim that will last a long time in your wardrobe.

Like Madewell, the stores featured on this list won’t leave you bare because they have lots of options for everyday essentials. 

Each store on this list offers its own unique takes on basic wardrobe necessities with different variations in cost and quality. At these stores, you’re guaranteed to find comfortable apparel without sacrificing your style.

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