What To Wear To A Comedy Show

Are you going out for a night of good laughter with the company of great friends? Going to a comedy show is a great idea for hanging out with your friends and enjoying some much-needed laughs in this post-pandemic world.

Now that you’ve decided to go to a comedy show, the next question that must be answered is what to wear to a comedy show?

Or rather, what do you wear to a comedy show so that you can dress up for a Saturday night without standing out (in a bad way) from the crowd?

Choosing a comedy show outfit can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. 

We’re here to help. After reading our style tips and tricks and checking out our comedy club outfit ideas, you’ll know how to dress up for an evening of good laughs.

And we have so many more helpful tips in this guide for you!

After reading this guide, you’ll understand what to wear to a comedy show and know the following:

  • What to wear to a comedy show in the summer
  • What to wear to a comedy show female styles
  • Some comedy show outfit ideas 
  • What not to wear to a comedy show
  • How to take care of your outfits
  • Where to buy your comedy show attire

What Is A Comedy Show?

A comedy show can be either a stand-up comedy show performed in a theater by a famous comedian, or a comedy club event (i.e. a bar or restaurant) where local comedians do a stand-up act in front of an audience that enjoys their jokes and drinks with their friends.

Regardless of how big or small the venue is, the ultimate experience is essentially the same and people enjoy being able to laugh out loud at jokes in person, rather than typing LOLs behind their screens.

So, whether you’re going to a comedy show or a comedy club, the promise of a night of fun with friends is guaranteed. 

Your job is to simply put together an outfit for this fun-filled comedy adventure. 

What To Wear To A Comedy Show

Going to a comedy show is not like going to a red-carpet event, so there are many outfit options available for you when you’re thinking of what to wear to a comedy show.

Basically, you’ll want to go for casual outfits that you’ll most likely wear for a chill night out with your friends or your significant other.

Try to keep yourself off the radar: don’t wear anything too flashy, outlandish, or technically anything that will make you stand out from the comedy club crowd—unless you don’t mind being the brunt of a few jokes. 

When choosing your comedy show attire, find things in your closet that are both comfortable and stylish.

For instance, dress similar to when you’re going to the movie theater where the center of attention is the movie screen in front of you, and you blend in with several other comfy members of the audience.

Remember, the goal is to have fun without being uncomfortable in any manner throughout the evening.

So, the next time you’re thinking of what to wear to a comedy show, think of ways to match the attire of the rest of the crowd.

3 Outfit Ideas For A Comedy Show

Want to wear your heels when going out, but don’t feel like wearing a dress to a comedy club? Try this outfit option instead!

The model above is showcasing how you can style your print heels (i.e. leopard, floral, etc.) with a black and white classic look—for the times when you’re wondering what to wear to a comedy show woman edition.

She styles her white lace cami with a black, front double-button jacket and a pair of faux leather pants.

She also styles this look with a few different accessories to keep up with the night-out vibe: a pair of black shades, a trendy necklace, a small clutch, and a silver watch.

This look is perfect for both your comedy club adventures and dinner at a trendy restaurant afterward—just don’t forget to remove your shades when the show starts to avoid being picked on by the comedian with the classic “is it too sunny in here for you?”

Looking for a comedy show outfit for the cooler nights in the summer? Try wearing a midi skirt with a high-neck sweater like Selena Gomez.

She styles this dark space gray midi skirt with a cropped light gray sweater and metallic black stilettos to complete her monochromatic look. 

This outfit is perfect for those days when you wish to wear something other than your regular pair of ‘night-out’ pants.

It keeps your attire fashionable yet comfy and is great for establishing that perfect balance between casual and chic

You can always style this look with leather boots instead of heels to make it easier for you to walk in. Of course, if you do wear heels, make sure that they’re comfortable for standing and walking.

Going out for a night of laughs in the fall and winter? Don’t forget to layer up with a stylishly warm overcoat!

The model above rocks this fall-favorite overcoat with a black turtleneck and black ankle-slit dress pants to create a monochromatic base.

Her wide leather Gucci belt, a Gucci clutch purse, and leopard print slip-ons perfectly complement the beige overcoat.

This outfit works for those nights when the weather is chilly, but you don’t want that to stop you from wearing gorgeous and unique pieces from your wardrobe.

Remember, styling an outfit is key so make sure your accessories highlight the outfit without overpowering it.

In other words, if you’re wearing your expensive accessories, make sure they’re being showcased in a subtle way, rather than in an overly bold manner.

What Type Of Comedy Show Outfits Can You Get?

With the several outfit ideas and inspirations above, deciding what to wear to a comedy show should be a little easier for you now than before.

Your goal should be this: try to find outfits that you can wear during an evening out with your friends, without compromising on your desire to be trendy.

As we’ve said, when trying to think of what to wear to a comedy show, you have lots of options. You can pair your jeans, jeggings, or dressy pants with a crop top or fitted blouse.

Or, you can style your oversized shirt with a belt and knee-high boots to go for a more trendy, fashionista type of look.

Also, don’t forget to carry an extra layer with you in case it gets chilly either outdoors or inside the venue. Plus, styling your outfit with a jacket, coat, or blazer gives you the opportunity to remain comfortable in crowded places.

Then, take that layer off to show off your cute crop top or beautiful blouse once you go to that fancy restaurant and take those fun dinner date selfies.

With so many ways to style your comedy club attire, it can be challenging to find which outfits work best for you. So we’ve got some tips for you down below.

How To Choose The Best Comedy Show Outfits

To determine what to wear to a comedy show, you need to figure out which outfits stand out and meet your needs. So, there are some important ‘before-purchase’ factors to consider.

Here is a list of a few of these factors to keep in mind when choosing the best comedy show outfits: 

  • Price

Wearing comedy show attire shouldn’t blow your budget. After all, you’ll have to pay for the show’s tickets, your drinks, dinner at a nice restaurant, and finally the uber or taxi fare to get you home safely (because of course you won’t be drinking and driving).

Look for outfits that are reasonably priced and within your budget. To make sure you stay within your budget, here’s another option: try to mix and match a few pieces from home with your pricey new blouse or shirt.

This will allow you to wear something new without breaking the bank since you’ll have styled it with a few pieces from your closet.

  • Quality

Whether you’re buying your entire comedy show outfit or just one or two pieces, pay close attention to the quality of the clothes. You don’t want your clothes to wrinkle easily, or worse, rip while you’re trying to enjoy a fun night on the town. 

Try to purchase from brands that you already know make good-quality clothes, because that will ensure your outfit will stay intact for a long time—even after the night has passed. 

Basically, when shopping for your comedy show outfit, even though you’re trying to stay within a budget, make sure you buy high-quality clothes that match your purpose.

  • Material

When thinking of what to wear to a comedy show, you also need to think about the material of your clothes. We already know that good quality comes from good material.

So, look for clothes that are less likely to get damaged in a crowded setting. Find materials that won’t be ruined even before you make it to your dinner reservation.

In other words, go for a looser or stretchier fit to give you some room to sit, stand, and move about the theater or comedy club freely.

Layer your outfit with a warmer coat or cardigan to ensure that being cold is the least of your worries on an evening that’s supposed to be worry-free.

How To Style Comedy Show Outfits

When determining what to wear to a comedy show, it’s important to find different ways to style these outfits. Think of ways to make your casual pieces trendy and comfortable for you to wear all night long. 

Don’t forget to style your comedy show outfit with comfy shoes, since you may have to stand in ticket lines and pre-show lineups before you can grab a seat at the show itself.

Also, carry a cardigan or a jacket with you in case these lineups are outdoors, or they’ve lowered the temperature indoors to make it nice and cool for the rest of the crowd (but you get cold easily).

If you’re wearing accessories, make sure that they become key highlights of your outfit without being bold declarations of love for those brands.

In other words, you want your accessories to complement a stylish outfit, and not come off as separate, emphasized entities.

Basically, put together your outfit based on some key fashion tips, your personal preferences, and the atmosphere of the venue. Before deciding what to wear to a comedy show, consider all of these factors.

This will help ensure that you have the most fun and stay the most comfortable while enjoying a few good laughs with your friends.

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Comedy Show Outfits

As it is with any outfit, there are some style and fashion no-nos you should avoid. So when you’re thinking of what to wear to a comedy show, try to keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid wearing heels, especially if they’re stiletto heels: This is especially necessary when you’re going to a crowded restaurant or bar for a comedy event. The last thing you want is to slip on spilled beer in a room full of an audience ready to crack up with laughter over just about anything.
  • Avoid wearing formal dresses or pants suits: You don’t want to look like you were supposed to be at a business meeting, and instead showed up to a comedy club.
  • Avoid wearing flashy accessories like a watch or expensive bracelet: Comedy clubs and comedy show auditoriums can be quite crowded, and you don’t want to lose your 18k gold Rolex (or have it stolen) in a crowded room.
  • Avoid carrying a large handbag: This goes with the rule of ‘avoid wearing flashy accessories,’ since you don’t want to lose your bag or have it stolen at the comedy show. You also don’t want to be that person who is taking up an extra seat just for their handbag, while others have to stand and watch the show.

How To Take Care Of Comedy Show Outfits

Like any formal wear, your casuals deserve the same care and attention. So, always take a look at the clean and care instructions on the label of each clothing item to make sure that you’re washing, drying, and ironing it correctly

Obviously, you don’t want to ruin an outfit before the day you actually wear it, so make sure to pay close attention to the instructions on the label.

This is essential for your cardigans and sweaters because some of them do run small or stretch out if they’re not washed and dried properly (speaking from personal experience!).

Best Places To Buy Comedy Show Outfits

Depending on what you decide to wear, there are lots of retailers to help you choose the best casual, yet trendy comedy club attire.

You can always find casual outfits to meet your needs at several of your favorite stores. But having a few more options on your list can’t hurt. 

Here is a list of retailers that carry clothes that are perfect for a comedy show: 

  1. Dynamite: has specific selections dedicated to what to wear “On the Weekend” or “For a Girl’s Night”
  2. Zara: has a wide selection of both casual and dressier outfits for when you’re thinking of Googling “comedy club what to wear to a comedy show” 
  3. Banana Republic: is a bit more expensive than some others, but works for the times you are in need of a particular piece of clothing (i.e. blazers of any style, denim selections)
  4. Shein: carries collections like “Comfy” and “Chic” to help you pick an outfit of your liking
  5. Forever 21: has a range of affordable styles, and is the answer for your Google search “outfit ideas what to wear to a comedy show woman”

Final Thoughts

Deciding what to wear to a comedy show can be challenging, especially if you’ve never been to one before and don’t know what type of outfit is appropriate.

So consider the type of venue you’ll be attending, and check for dress codes before you put together your outfit.

Most venues have a casual and trendy dress code, so it’s important to choose an outfit to wear that’s casual, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time.

Remember, the goal is to blend in with the crowd—unless you like being the center of attention—or in this case the center of the comedian’s improv jokes.

But what’s the most important thing? No matter which outfit you choose, you have to make sure that you’ll be comfortable in your skin all evening/night long.

At the end of the day, you know you’re going to have a night of laughter and jokes, so dress for both comfort and style. And of course, don’t forget to have fun!

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