1 Rave Outfit Idea

Raves are just as much about your style as they are about the music—which is unlike any other live music event. As such, you’ve got to consider what you’re going to wear if you want to avoid looking like a rookie raver.

Luckily, there’s a treasure trove of information for you in this article. Coming up, I’ll teach you how to put together your own rave outfit as well as a bit about:

  • What people usually include in their outfits
  • Some popular outfit ideas
  • What you should avoid when putting together your outfit 

Follow a color or a theme such as the ones below and you’ll be set:

  • Rave outfit men
  • White rave outfit
  • Pink rave outfit
  • Black rave outfit
  • Red rave outfit
  • Fairy rave outfit

What Makes Up A Rave Outfit?

You can include many pieces in your outfits that seemingly contradict each other, but since there are no hard rules about what you should wear, your only limiting factor is your imagination. (I’ll tell you more about what you probably don’t want to wear in a bit.)

You’ll find items like these in many popular outfit ideas:

  1. Bikini tops
  2. Baggy cargo pants
  3. Rice mesh tops
  4. Neon security vests
  5. Platform shoes

History Of Raves

Rave culture began back in the 1980s. It grew out of two different scenes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. There was the explosion of house music in America and the advent of techno music in Europe and the UK.

These were countercultural music genres that attracted people from all walks of life—but especially marginalized communities like gay men and the trans community.

This inclusivity led to an expressive fashion scene. People pushed their looks to the extremes because anything and everything was permitted at raves.

Now that raves are more mainstream, people have more options when it comes to putting together their outfits—though the propensity to push the envelope is still common. You’ll see that in some of the outfit ideas I’ve included below.

What Are Some Popular Rave Outfit Ideas?

Some popular outfit ideas that you’ll see at festivals these days are essentially bikinis with accessories. This includes fairy outfits, cat outfits, and mermaid outfits. 

Men’s rave outfit ideas follow a similar template. They usually consist of athletic shorts and a few armbands for hints of personal style.

1 Rave Outfit Idea

You can’t go wrong with outfit ideas like this one. Due to its edgy vibes, it harkens back to ravings origins while still catering to modern tastes.

You can score bonus points by dying your hair like the model has done, though that’s not necessary by any means.

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Rave Outfit Ideas

What’s the biggest piece of advice I have about what to avoid with your outfit ideas? Don’t pick clothes that aren’t hypermobile.

Raves are dance-oriented events so you want to wear pieces that let you move around freely. That’s why you’ll often see ravers either wearing extremely baggy or very skimpy outfits—because both options are easy to move in. 

Best Places To Buy Rave Outfits

Like with most other outfits, thrift stores or vintage clothing stores are the best places to find colorful rave outfit ideas. 

However, if the idea of buying affordable second-hand clothes doesn’t appeal to you, then Etsy is a good place to check out. It has clothes that were made specifically for raves by independent creators. This means you can find pieces that nobody else has.

Final Thoughts

Rave outfit ideas are all about capturing the vibe of the event. At these parties, you can release yourself from societal pressures and expectations.

Festivals and raves are all about dancing away life’s stressors, meaning you’ll want an outfit that allows you to dance as freely as you possibly can.

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