30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas 

About Attack on Titan Tattoos

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time. It has inspired many spin-offs, fan fictions, and, of course, tattoos.

If you’re a major anime fan, this article has everything you need to know before committing to getting the best Attack on Titan tattoo you can get. Warning: minor plot spoilers are ahead. 

What Do Attack on Titan Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

Depending on which character or image you include in your tattoo, the Attack on Titan tattoo meaning will slightly differ. Captain Levi is a fan favorite and a common choice for tattoos. He’s assertive and calm in the face of danger. If these are traits you identify with, a Levi tattoo may be the way to go. 

A Mikasa tattoo could represent strength and self-assuredness. Mikasa also has the second highest kill count following Levi. Many people even get tattoos of the Titans themselves.

Even though they’re terrifying monsters, they still have human qualities. For instance, they represent strength and have an immense presence. 

And, of course, your tattoo can showcase the series’ protagonist Eren, which would symbolize perseverance and self discovery. 

We’ll dive into specific Attack on Titan tattoo designs a bit later, but just remember that each character and image from the series is a little different, so choose a design that best reflects you as an individual.

After all, since your Attack on Titan tattoo will probably be with you for the rest of your life, it’s a good idea to make it your own.

Where to Get an Attack on Titan Tattoo

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

An Attack on Titan tattoo can go pretty much anywhere on the body. An important rule of thumb when planning any tattoo is to follow the natural lines of your body, to emphasize the beauty already present in the human form. 

Many Attack on Titan tattoos involve a scene or shapes that don’t necessarily go with the contours of the body. So, pick an area with a big open space that can be filled with your Attack on Titan tattoo. 

When thinking about where to place your Attack on Titan tattoo, here are some great options: 

  • Back
  • Thigh
  • Forearm 
  • Calf 
  • Shoulder 

Remember that tattoos are permanent, so make sure you really love your design before you get inked. Tattoos with multiple colors tend to fade more quickly, but you can go back to the studio for touch-ups. 

The inking process is painful, but numbing creams can be used to ease the process. And finally, before you visit the tattoo parlor, speak with your doctor to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

How Much Do Attack on Titan Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

There are a few factors that influence the cost of a tattoo: 

  • Size of tattoo
  • Design 
  • Colors, ink, and equipment used  
  • Placement
  • Experience of tattoo artist (an experienced artist will cost more) 
  • Hourly rate 
  • Location of tattoo studio (city studios are most expensive)

When getting any tattoo, the way to calculate the cost is similar. You should be prepared to spend around $100 for a good tattoo. A small tattoo (2-4 inches) can fall between a range of $50-$250, a medium-size tattoo (4-6 inches) can be $150-450, and a large tattoo (over six inches) can fall between $500-$4,000

Sleeves and full-back tattoos will cost you a couple of thousand dollars and will probably take multiple sessions to complete. Tattoos with numerous colors will also cost you more.

Every studio varies in how they break down prices, so make sure to chat with your tattoo artist before your inking session to ensure that it falls within your budget. 

When looking at Attack on Titan tattoos specifically, various colors are often used, which will up your cost. They’re also typically on the complicated side since your tattoo artist will have to paint a whole scene with contrasting lines and shadings. 

An Attack on Titan tattoo will cost you more than say, a minimalist flower tattoo. So be prepared to pay on the higher side, but make sure to talk to your tattoo artist beforehand to get an exact quote for the piece. 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Designs

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas 

When designing your dream Attack on Titan tattoo, you can pick a character you love or identify with, your favorite scene, or whatever you find most aesthetically pleasing from the series.

Here are some popular Attack on Titan tattoo ideas that you can use as a jumping-off point. So, if you need some design inspiration for your Attack on Titan tattoo, check them out.

#1: Captain Levi Ackerman 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

If you have natural leadership qualities, you may identify with Levi. He has a cold demeanor, is blunt, and can be insulting at times. His sense of humor can be described as vulgar and dark. He’s also a clean freak. If I just described you, a Captain Levi tattoo may be a good choice!

Levi has a history of not taking orders well but followed the authority of Commander Erwin Smith in the Survey Corps because he trusted in his vision. Levi is obedient to those he respects.

This friendship has inspired many tattoo designs with the two characters. You could also get matching tattoos with a friend, each of you sporting one of these characters!

Another common Levi tattoo is of a specific scene where the captain was surrounded by Titans. The audience was sure he would die at this moment, but Levi emerged from the depths covered in blood, having killed all the Titans.

A Levi tattoo symbolizes strength under pressure, betting on yourself, and independence. 

#2: Eren Yeager 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

Eren Yeager is the protagonist of Attack on Titan. He begins the series with a deep hatred against the Titans for turning his life upside down. Then Eren discovers the truth about the Titans, causing him to change course during the series and attempt to free humanity from these beasts. 

Eren possesses the power of three Titans, which he inherited from his father and acquired after eating Lara Tybur.

Eren has multiple forms: his human form, which is how the series first introduces him, and his Titan forms (Attack Titan form, Founding Titan form, Pure Titan form). You can choose which form you like best for your Eren tattoo. 

Eren is passionate, impulsive, strong-willed, and determined. With his strong intent of freeing humanity, every step of his journey involves brash decisions.

He cares about those around him and embarks on this adventure in an attempt to avenge his mother’s death. An Eren tattoo may be perfect for you if you would describe yourself in a similar way. 

#3: Titans 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

Despite beginning the series as the antagonists, Titans are popular tattoo choices, especially for their visually-striking nature. A cool Attack on Titan tattoo design involves the Wall Titans that, you guessed it, live inside the walls. 

You can picture the Wall Titan peeking through the wall, but rather than a wall, it’s your skin! This tattoo is a really cool optical illusion. So, rather than just painting on your skin in a two-dimensional format, you can play with it and create something super interesting.

There are various Titans in the series and each has a different, unique look. So there are lots of options to choose from when designing your tattoo. If you’re thinking about getting a Titan tattoo, go with your favorite Attack on Titan moment. Or you can choose something you find most aesthetically pleasing. 

#4: Wings of Freedom 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

The Wings of Freedom is the logo of the Recon corps. It symbolizes the freedom that the military seeks to bring to humanity. When designing your tattoo, you can get the Wings of Freedom paired with one of the characters who fight under the association, or you can stick simply with the logo. 

The left side of the wings is blue and the right side is white. It’s a very distinct look and anime fans will know immediately what it signifies. You can also get a matching Wings of Freedom tattoo with a friend since you can each get half of the logo. 

#5: Queen Historia and Ymir 

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

This Attack on Titan design refers to a specific moment between Queen Historia and Ymir, which is considered one of the most emotionally impactful moments of the series. This tattoo symbolizes love, bonding, and friendship. 


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

History of the Attack on Titan Tattoo

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series was originally serialized in 2009 and ended in 2021 with 34 volumes in total. 

A television series adapted from the manga began broadcasting in 2013 and is currently in its final few episodes. As of December 2019, the manga had sold over 100 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful and popular anime series of all time. 

Isayama says he got the original idea for Attack on Titan when working in a cafe. A customer grabbed him by the collar and Isayama was faced with the fear of encountering an enemy with whom he could not properly communicate. This sparked the initial concept for the Titans. 

The series is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by three walls, meant to protect them from giant man-eating monsters called Titans, who previously drove humanity to the brink of extinction. 

Civilization only remains within these walls, located on Paradis Island, where the military is trying to destroy the Titans once and for all. As the series progresses, it’s revealed that the Titans are actually humans trapped outside Paradis Island. 

It turns out, the Titans eat humans in an attempt to regain their own humanity. Characters throughout the series figure out how to transform into Titans themselves, blurring the lines between human and monster. 

Attack on Titan follows Eren Yeager, whose hometown was destroyed and his mother killed by the Titans. Eren is determined to seek revenge on the Titans for committing these atrocities, so he joins the military with his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Artlert.

Along their journey, these three meet other notable characters, including Captain Levi, Hange Zoe, and many Titans. 

Which Celebrities Have an Attack on Titan Tattoo?

30 Best Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

To our knowledge, no celebrities currently have an Attack on Titan tattoo, but many celebrities are anime fans! The K-pop group, BTS, are big Attack on Titan fans and even named a song “Attack on Bangtan” as an homage to the series.

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