30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas 

About Bubble Tattoos

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

If you’re thinking of getting inked, there are plenty of tattoo styles, placements, and ideas that might get your heart skipping with excitement. 

The best part of getting tattooed is that each design can be custom-made based on your artistic thought process, and allow your true creativity to shine through. There are so many Bubble tattoo ideas that the design possibilities are endless!

Bubble tattoos are showing up more and more in the mainstream media, and we totally understand why. With their versatile meanings and their range of designs (from detailed to simplistic options), there are infinite reasons why a bubble tattoo might be right for you.

But with such variety comes a difficult decision to make: which tattoo to get, and where to put it!

Traditionally speaking, bubble tattoos can indicate a plethora of meanings. They can showcase various mathematical shapes and geometric patterns. They can symbolize water or even the abstract concept of perfection. 

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

And, as a metaphor, they can represent simplicity, softness, or many other concepts. They’re such organic and admirable little spheres, it’s hard not to love how beautiful they are.

Whatever the inspiration behind your bubble tattoo design, this article has lots of useful info. We’ll discuss several topics, including what to expect if you’re thinking about sitting down and getting inked. 

There are always lots of things to think about before you get a tattoo, from the meaning to the cost to its history and so much more. No matter what questions you might have, we likely have the answers below. 

So, if you’re thinking about getting a bubble tattoo, keep reading. We’ll tell you everything you need to know before you get inked.

What Do Bubble Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

You might simply love the look of a bubble—how round it is, how natural, how cute. Maybe you’re thinking about using a bubble as a frame for an image inside or employing a whole bundle of bubbles to indicate breathing or movement. 

Whatever the reason behind getting your bubble tattoo, only you can figure out its meaning. But there’s a world of pop culture out there to help narrow down what your ink might indicate. Your bubble tattoo meaning may be inspired by one of these cultural symbols.

If you’d like to get a bubble design that speaks metaphorically, bubble tats can symbolize innocence from your childhood or a love of nostalgia.

They can also represent loyalty and endurance since, in many cases, they’re self-generating and persistent. Plus, they can be a symbol of freedom—which is a beautiful idea, and definitely something worth getting tattooed!

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

In other cases, a bubble tattoo can be more literal. Bubble tattoos can be expressive of breath, perhaps escaping the lips of a fish or human, exhaling underwater.

They can be wobbly, playful, lightweight spheres rising from a bubble wand. Or, they can showcase the intensity of the ocean, rolling and gathering under waves and lapping at the shore.

If none of those concepts inspire you or speak to the design you had in mind, there are many other things the tattoos can symbolize.

Bubbles can also suggest simplicity, due to their natural and no-frills existence. And they can showcase perfection (due to their natural spherical qualities), indicate infinite possibility, and highlight softness. 

Plus, they can serve as lucky charms. Who doesn’t need a good-luck charm inked on their body for life! Talk about an insurance policy.

Where to get a Bubble Tattoo

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Since bubbles can be drawn in a very big or minuscule way, your tattoo design can range from tiny to very large. So, there really isn’t anywhere you can’t get a bubble tattoo.

Your possibilities are pretty much endless. But, after you choose from the many design options, you must start to narrow it down, and decide which specific details are going to be included in your design idea.

One of the details you need to consider is where your bubble tattoo will go. The placement of your tattoo will depend entirely on what size, color, and intensity the design is going to be.

First, when considering where your bubble tattoo might go, some vital questions must be asked. Are you getting a bundle of bubbles or just one big circle?

Are you using the bubble as a frame for an image? Or do you just want a simple sphere? Is it going to be colored or bold, or an outline with shading? Will it be watercolor or line drawn?

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

When getting tattooed, there are a few technical things to consider as well, such as your skin tone, body type, and your general style as an individual. Generally speaking, more prominent areas of the body are fantastic places to host tattoos like a bubble. 

Rounded out areas can be perfect spots for medium-sized designs, such as the following locations:

  • Calf
  • Shoulder
  • Inner forearm
  • Central upper back
30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Yet, those areas are quite big and provide a lot of skin real estate. So, they don’t need to be utilized if you just want a tiny, delicate, and simple tattoo. 

In case you’re getting a line-drawn tattoo that’s around 3×3” in diameter or less, you can choose virtually any part of your body, big or small. These options can include:

  • Fingers
  • Neck
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Behind the ear
  • Inner lip
  • Foot

How much do Bubble Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Okay, let’s talk about money. While most tattoo artists supply their own pricing chart, there are pretty standard cost estimates for tattoos.

Your best bet is to first speak with a tattoo artist about size, detail, and color options so that they can give you a rough idea of what it might cost to get the bubble tattoo of your dreams. 

Every tattoo shop has basic price expectations for what they offer. Some have minimum charges, and others offer hourly rates only. Some will also give a set price based on the design idea.

It’s important to ensure you get a price estimate before committing to any designs, for your sake, and for the artist’s best interest. 

If you’re wondering about average costs, here’s a helpful guide:

  1. Small tattoos 3×3” or less in diameter: $50-$250
  2. Minimum tattoo costs can be as much as $150
  3. Tattoo artists charge an average of $120-150 per hour
  4. Bold tattoos are more typically $150-$450
  5. The average cost of a tattoo is $250
30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Regardless of the standard cost of a tattoo, or your budget, being comfortable with your tattoo is the most important thing, especially since it will stick with you for life. 

Paying a fee for a piece of wearable art is a luxury, and an honor. In terms of value, it’s best to keep in mind that the meaning and execution of your tattoo design are most important and the cost is secondary. But hey, we’ve still gotta keep it affordable!

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Designs

Ah, yes, the bounty of bubble tattoo designs—what an endless and inspiring catalog of imagery! We’ve gathered a collection of some of the most impressive and interesting tattoo designs just for you. This should help you decide which tattoo you want, where it’s going to go, and what it will look like. 

Check out these bubble tattoo examples to get insight and inspiration for your ink.

#1: A Bubble Tattoo as a Frame 

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

By placing a detailed image inside the playful circle of a bubble, you can showcase a central piece of art within the perfection of a bubble-accented design.

#2: A Collection of Bubbles

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

You can showcase a bundle of adorable bubbles, whether they’re escaping the mouth of a fish, or simply standing alone in mid-air.

This is a great concept if you want flexibility with shape, placement, and design. If you prefer bubbles only, you can get them in color, in bold, as fine lined-spheres, or with a shaded edge.

#3: Cartoon Bubbles 

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

This can be a really fun or geometrical approach to a bubble tattoo design. If you want to showcase the more playful side of bubbles in a way that’s cartoonish, rather than with real-life imagery, cartoon bubbles are a great choice.

A caricature of a bubble can be drawn up and designed by most tattoo artists—the design will just depend on your style and personality!

#4: Simple Line-Drawn Bubbles 

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Sketched out, line-drawn bubble tattoos are the most simple and delicate way to represent this spherical marvel. And, if you’d prefer a smaller tattoo without too much detail, these globe-shaped bubbles are a perfect option.

They can be placed anywhere on the body since they don’t require many details or intricacies. 

#5: As Accents to a Larger Tattoo

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Maybe a more detailed and scenic tattoo appeals to you, such as an underwater scene or an image of a person blowing bubbles. If you’re looking for a way to make the design more playful or interesting, there are lots of ways to include these simple circles in your overall design.

They’ll also add an aspect of beauty and symbolism to your tattoo. It’s a win-win!


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

History of the Bubble Tattoo

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Bubbles have been around since the dawn of time, but getting them inked onto a body is a newer concept. Bubble tattoos came on the scene quite recently, arising in the last twenty years as an admired symbol and as lovable art. 

Practically speaking, the actual idea of a bubble alone is historical. The idea that dinosaurs were blowing bubbles the same way we humans can is a concept that’s larger than life.

But, historically, bubbles had a very specific symbolism and meaning, dating back to the dawn of mathematics. Bubbles are a natural sphere, which is a geometric shape, and they also have numerical dimensions and diameters.

They’ve been adored for eons because they embody the natural shape of perfection (the circle or sphere). 

For such simple and easily-created little globes, they sure are impressive, aren’t they? Perhaps that’s why more and more folks are choosing to get a bubble tattoo.

These versatile and delicate tattoo designs can look quite beautiful. Bubbles are playful, metaphorical, magical little spheres that look great in any form, especially when inked onto your body.

Which Celebrities Have a Bubble Tattoo?

30 Best Bubble Tattoo Ideas

Ruby Rose Langenheim, an Australian celeb, got a black-and-white tattoo of her dog on the back of her left hand. Then she tweeted, “Nobody is perfect…except my dog.”

Later on, she got a sleeve tattoo on the back of her arm, and she tattooed blue bubbles all around her dog tattoo. The blue bubbles also surround her wrist and gradually blend in with her sleeve tattoo.

This actor, model, and TV presenter shows us how bubble tattoos can be a great add-on to an existing tattoo, and they can also be used to connect different tattoos on the body.

Ruby’s blue bubble tattoo softens the look of the black dog tattoo, and nicely blends her other designs together.

While not many celebrities are sporting a bubble tattoo, they continue to rise in popularity worldwide. 

Since bubble tattoos have become a popular and highly sought-after design, it’s not surprising that certain artists are becoming specialists with their art. Instagram has a fantastic catalog of talented and revered tattooists whose top priority is bubble art. 

Well-known Aki Wong (@newtattoo_akiwong), showcases a plethora of bubble designs on their Instagram profile, and nearly 70k followers enjoy their art. If you want to get inspired, just take a look at their impressive stuff!

So, if you’re thinking about getting a fox tattoo there are many talented artists ready to create an amazing design just for you.

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