30 Best Fox Tattoo Ideas 

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30 Best Fox Tattoo Ideas

Foxes are such elegant creatures. They have a crafty reputation and are well-known in pop culture and mythology for their wit and their cunning intelligence.

Yet they also have a refined and sophisticated appearance. That’s probably why more and more people are getting a fox tattoo these days. These tattoos showcase the animal’s beauty, charm, and wisdom.

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a fox tattoo because they’re cute. Maybe you think this animal is stunning and you adore the creature.

Or perhaps you love the symbolism and metaphors behind the fox tattoo. Regardless of the reason, if you’re thinking about sitting down and getting inked with one of the best fox tattoos, there are many factors to consider. 

Choosing your tattoo design is just the tip of the iceberg. You still have to pick a design, size, location, and figure out what you want it to mean.

Thankfully, that’s why we’re here. We want to help you make the best decisions possible.

We understand that narrowing down the style and design of your tattoo can be intimidating—especially with all those talented tattoo artists out there ready and willing to draw up your dream art. 

In general, foxes hold a lot of meaning and significance, and they have a rich history. There’s loads of mythology, symbolism, and folklore that follow them wherever they go. So, no wonder why many people have decided to get a fox tattoo in recent years. 

We’re going to teach you some key details about these gorgeous creatures. We’ll give you several fox tattoo ideas, and help you create a design that you’ll be proud of forever.

At least that’s our game plan. So sit tight while we walk you through placement ideas, price breakdowns, and most importantly, style ideas!

What Does Fox Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

Foxes—in folklore, fable, and mythology throughout history—have first and foremost symbolized trickery, wit, mischief, and intelligence. Historically, the fox has been a trickster. As a trickster figure, it can be playful and charming, yet also beautiful and graceful.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself before committing to a fox tattoo. The answers might help you choose the design of your tattoo.

For example, in terms of meaning, you may want your fox to symbolize wisdom and good fortune. In that case, you can choose a tattoo design with a fox sitting and looking up at the sky in a pensive way.

If you’d rather showcase the trickster side of a fox, then you could design a fox that’s smirking, or in the middle of doing something sly.

Do you make quick, good decisions, just like foxes are prone to do? Are you also light on your feet? All of these traits make up the persona of a fox, so there’s plenty of meanings to choose from. The fox tattoo meaning you pick is up to you.

Remember that by getting a fox tattoo, you’re showcasing all of a fox’s well-known traits. Luckily, despite its cunning nature, this animal has a pretty good reputation overall. Many people admire this animal and treat it with lots of respect. 

Foxes are even known to be omens of the future! These little creatures, for being so small and swift, are quite amazing. They’re recognized and admired by countless amounts of people worldwide. So, it’s no surprise that you might want to get a fox tattoo.

Where to Get a Fox Tattoo

There are so many places you can get your fox tattoo! However, the final decision will depend on a few factors: how big, small, simple, or detailed your tattoo design is going to be.

For example, if you’re getting a full-body, real-life fox, you’re going to need to set aside a fair-sized patch of skin real estate to ensure the best results.

Or, if you’re getting just an outline, perhaps a cartoon, of a fox’s face, then you won’t need as much room for your tattoo design. You also need to ask yourself what the tattoo means. Is it meant to be a literal portrait of a fox?

Or are you using this artwork as a metaphor, to symbolize trickery, beauty, or swiftness? 

Let’s say you want to tattoo a colored, detailed face of a fox on your body. We think that the best places for this tattoo might be your upper arm, back, or even your thigh. These spots will ensure plenty of room for creativity and size. 

Or, if you want an image of a cute little fox sitting and looking up at the sky, perhaps in black and white, you could fit that somewhere like your inner forearm.

You’ll also need to decide if the fox is going to be on its own, or if you’d like to include other things in your tattoo design. You could add flowers, a landscape, or the night sky to name a few. The design possibilities really are endless—so you name it and you can design it! 

But, let’s break down some of these options. We’ve listed a few fox tattoo designs, and the best spots to get them. For your reference, the fox images are on the left and locations are on the right.

How Much Do Fox Tattoos Cost?

As with any artistic endeavor, it can be hard to nail down the cost of a project. With art, inspiration is always key, so naming a price can be tricky. 

However, in the tattoo industry, we’re lucky that these talented artists have done exactly that—they’ve named their prices. Although the cost for tattooing differs from tattoo shop to tattoo shop, there are some rough guidelines to follow.

Keep in mind that you’re committing to something that’s permanent. So, although the cost is a concern—because we don’t all have an endless supply of money—it’s still important to remember that your tattoo will be with you for life and that it’s art. 

Having said that, you can choose the size and detail of your design, which will dramatically affect the cost of the project. So, you can always make adjustments to your image as you go along to ensure that your tattoo is budget-friendly.

Below is a breakdown of general prices. These numbers will give you an idea of what your tattoo might cost. It’s super important to speak with your tattoo artist before your design is created, since they can give you the most accurate cost estimate, depending on what you’re asking for.

  1. Small tattoos 3×3” or less in diameter: $50-$250
  2. Minimum tattoo costs can be as much as $150
  3. Tattoo artists charge an average of $120-150 per hour
  4. Bold tattoos are more typically $150-$450
  5. The average cost of a tattoo is $250

Finding the right tattoo artist, the best price, and the right design isn’t always easy. Hopefully, the above info will help guide you and provide a bit of background knowledge to make these decisions much easier. So refer to this article before you go looking around!

30 Best Fox Tattoo Designs

As gorgeous and graceful animals, foxes are easy to depict in artistic ways. Maybe you’re considering using this mammal as a centerpiece in a larger tattoo, getting a cartoon representation of a character, or focusing on the beauty found in a foxes face or in their movement.

No matter how they’re portrayed artistically, foxes will always be stunning.

Choosing a tattoo style can be a bit overwhelming, because there are so many design options to choose from. There are endless ways to showcase these creatures after all. So, if you’re looking for fox tattoo ideas, choose a design that’s authentic to you and also pays homage to the animal. 

To give you some design inspiration, we’ve collected a list of fox tattoo ideas. Hopefully, with these fox tattoo designs, we can help influence your big decision:

#1: Real Life Fox

If you’ve got a tattoo artist who specializes in real-life tattoo work, and your goal is to make this creature come alive on your arm, then consider getting a true-form depiction of the animal. With their bright eyes and fluffy coat, foxes make enchanting subjects for a portrait that’ll last forever.

#2: Fox Face 

One of the most spellbinding parts of a fox is their face. Regardless of the design style you’re going with (real life, cartoon, color, or black and white) a tattoo of a fox’s face is always an option.

It’s a great way to really focus on their personalities, their souls, and capture their essence in your tattoo design.

#3: Full Body Fox

Talk about bewitching—a tattoo of a full-body fox is a great way to showcase the graceful and sly nature of this creature. With a full-body fox tattoo, the animal can be walking, sitting, hiding, or even standing on its hind legs (especially if you’re going for a Fantastic Mr. Fox cartoon vibe).

Full-body fox tattoos are also perfect for larger areas of your body. 

#4: Cartoon Fox

When it comes to cartoon foxes, so many clever, sly, and intelligent characters are depicted in TV shows and movies. So, no wonder why it’s common to get a caricature of this animal tattooed on your body.

You can choose a playful, funny, serious, graceful, or strange-looking cartoon fox, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

#5: Black and White Fox

For a low-profile, elegant, and tasteful fox tattoo, consider a black and white design. This can be a flexible design, due to the simplicity of a shaded tattoo. Or you could choose a bold image, depending on your style. 

From simple line-drawn outlines, to fully realized, true-life depictions, black and white tattoo designs are truly versatile and adaptable. They’re also a great idea for a fox tattoo.


























History of Fox Tattoo

Foxes have a rich and interesting history. They have a well-known reputation worldwide and are often viewed with a sense of awe.

These creatures have been gossiped about since they were first spotted, and universally admired for their swiftness, craftiness, and overall beauty. And this is why they’re such iconic creatures in human society.

Plenty of cultures have admired foxes from afar and integrated them into their folklore and fables. This includes Greek mythology, European folklore, North American fables, and in histories connected to Celtic, Aboriginal, and Asian cultures. For one little creature, that’s seriously an impressive reach!

Foxes have always been a symbol of intelligence and cunning since they seem to embody these characteristics. They’ve even been rumored to be teachers, which is why you’ll often see educators getting fox tattoos—they’ve got something concrete in common with these sly, sleek animals. 

Fun fact: foxes were commonly integrated into early modern art, and used as muses by renowned thinkers like Machiavelli.

If those historical facts don’t impress you, we don’t know what will!

Which Celebrities Have a Fox Tattoo?

Fox tattoos aren’t a new concept, yet they are growing in popularity. And while many people around the world are sporting one of these tattoos, no celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon.

Not one star (that we know of, not even Megan Fox) has decided to get inked with a cute fox design, but who knows what the future holds. 

But we know one thing for certain: there’s a growing number of tattoo artists out there who specialize in this artwork. Some professional tattooists who specialize in fox tattoos have closed books, because their work is in such high demand.

Instagram is a melting pot of talent, and it’s where the world’s most inspiring, skilled tattoo artists are presenting their work.

Among them is Chinese tattooist Chenjie (@chenjie.newtattoo). Their fox tattoo art is being noticed and admired by the masses (which explains their 522k Instagram followers). 

It’s also worth mentioning California’s Dani Harkey (@daniturkeysammie). Her impressive 50k followers on Instagram have watched in awe as she posts so many whimsical designs, including lots of fox tattoos.

So, after reading this article, you might be filled with excitement and ready to get your very own fox tattoo. But, before you book your appointment at the tattoo parlor, you might want to do some research first and find an artist that specializes in fox tattoos. That way, you can be sure your tattoo will turn out amazing.

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