10 Brands Like Reformation

Reformation is a brand that has gained recognition for selling sustainable apparel and for its efforts to ensure that we live in a sustainable environment.

Reformation and other brands like Reformation seek to play their part in creating fashion that doesn’t come at the cost of the planet that we call our home

With its focus on both people and the planet that we live in, customers actively search for other brands like Reformation that bring about new solutions to the environmental challenges we face today rather than adding to the problem. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of brands like Reformation to help with all of your sustainable style shopping needs. But before we take a look at these stores, let’s consider a few reasons why this brand is well-loved by so many individuals around the world. 


Here are some reasons why Reformation has earned such a special place in the hearts of ‘fashion with a purpose’ shoppers all across the globe:

  • They are a climate-neutral certified brand that is committed to the health and well-being of the planet
  • They have four brand foundations (known as people, product, planet, and progress) that ensure they’re making conscious and healthy decisions for both their customers and the environment 
  • They have achieved their goal of net-zero carbon emissions and are also continuing to make progress in areas of sustainable fashion that still need work
  • They have made it their mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to all, and also work to create a more inclusive environment for sexual, cultural, and racial diversity
  • They carry limited-edition collections and only make what they know customers need and want—so there is an exclusive collection ready for you each week without clothes being wasted

How We Chose the Best Brands Like Reformation

Here are some factors we focused on when trying to find other brands like Reformation: 


Depending on what you’re purchasing from Reformation (i.e. dresses or basics), you can access price filters to find items that are within your budget.


They offer a wide variety of styles for all of your everyday and occasional wear needs. And, their styles are the perfect blend between vintage and freshly modern.


Reformation offers the highest quality clothes by ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront. In fact, they create their collections with low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. 


They offer an exclusive selection of clothes and outfits so that you know exactly how special you are and how much you mean to the brand.


Reformation provides free worldwide shipping on all orders. And most, if not all, orders ship within the first two days after you make your purchase, so you don’t have to wait too long for your favorite items to arrive. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Reformation is a people-centric brand that ensures that both its workers and its customers feel comfortable and confident in being who they are. They also provide equitable opportunities and resources to their workers. So, no one feels left behind, or worse, left out. 

10 Best Brands Like Reformation

#1 – Rouje

If exclusive pieces are what you wish to shop for, then shopping at Rouge is a must for you. Even though it’s a little more expensive than other brands like Reformation, you’ll find stylish, exclusive collections online and in-store that originate from the hub of fashion—Paris. 

So, if you’re looking for dresses like Reformation with a bit of a Parisian oomph, then Rouge is absolutely ready for your next shopping adventure! 

#2 – Faithfull The Brand

For those looking for the perfect fit and romantic flair, Faithfull The Brand offers vintage and flattering collections for every occasion of yours. The prices are similar to other sustainable brands like Reformation, and they have a wide collection of clothing for every style and season. 

And the best part? They have fast and reliable domestic and international shipping, so you don’t have to wait too long for your favorite sustainable styles to arrive at your doorstep.

#3 – The Line by K

The Line by K is another retailer on the list of affordable brands like Reformation that attempts to spread a message through their brand. They are exclusively for the fearless and courageous women, who know how to own their confidence and carry it well with their sense of style. 

Being a women-centric brand, The Line by K is part of the group of feminine clothing brands that empower and support women to take risks and accomplish anything that they put their minds to.

#4 – Staud

If you’re looking for brands like Reformation that are both empowering and accessible for women, then Staud is the store for you. Also, it’s definitely one that has earned its spot on the long list of unique clothing brands. 

This store is everything but normal, and their attention to detail—along with presenting the perfect balance between ‘sexy and self-governing’—allows this luxury brand to be recognized as one that upholds quality to the highest degree

#5 – La Ligne

A clothing brand with classic and chic styles, La Ligne is another on the list of brands like Reformation that values quality clothing and fashion. They also ensure fast shipping and delivery for all orders. 

Plus, they express a fun take on their collections, which of course often feature their iconic stripe. You can also personalize the merchandise by customizing their signature monogram to make it your own. 

#6 – With Jéan

If you’re looking for brands like Reformation that are forever evolving and keeping up with the world of fashion, then With Jean caters to all of your up-and-coming trendy needs. Their collection is “inspired by you” to ensure that they cover all of your stylish desires.

With ethically-sourced materials and sustainable practices in place, this brand offers clothes that are both affordable and practical

#7 – Posse

To find collections that present the perfect blend of both vintage and modern, you have to find brands like Reformation that truly understand style and sustainability. Posse redefines statement pieces from the past to create elegant and trendy outfits for the now.

Posse’s prices are quite similar to the Reformation store, and the quality of each piece is unmatchable. Plus, they focus on the durability of their materials and fabrics, so that you can keep your clothes for a very long time.

#8 – Réalisation Par

If you like to add exclusive pieces to your wardrobe, then Réalisation Par is the best retailer on our list of brands like Reformation for you. Instead of large collections, they make individual pieces that you can purchase. 

This is one of the brands like Reformation but cheaper since their price range is more affordable overall. Also, they make their pieces based on an exclusive ‘need basis.’

Need another reason to shop there? Well, they also make their luxurious silk dresses in specialized factories, along with prints that are exclusive to their brand.

#9 – Stone Cold Fox

If freshly designed vintage clothing is what you’re raving about these days, then you must check out Stone Cold Fox—another treasured retailer on our list of brands like Reformation.

Inspired by a love for encouraging and empowering women, this brand offers timeless clothing designs that keep you in mind at all stages of their production. 

So, if you’re looking to shop Reformation-like brands and don’t mind spending a little over your budget for unique clothing items, then Stone Cold Fox is waiting eagerly for you.

#10 – For Love & Lemons

For those searching for dress brands like Reformation that also offer an adventurous, yet chic collection of everyday styles, then it’s time to check out this retailer. For Love & Lemons is a brand that presents the perfect blend of these two fashion ideologies. 

They feature trendy and fun collections that are created with the highest quality fabric along with the best quality workmanship—such as hand-drawn embroideries—making their collection of clothing worth a closer look. 

Although they are more expensive than some other brands like Reformation, their wide selection of colors and styles help justify going a little over your set budget. 

Which Brands Like Reformation Are Closest In Comparison?

Even though the price ranges for each of the stores on the list of brands like Reformation are different, there are some stores that host similar collections and also have similar ideals as Reformation.

Plus they uphold similar values and adhere to ethical and sustainable practices, which make them more similar in comparison to Reformation than the others on the list. These stores include Faithfull, Rouge, With Jean, Posse, and Stone Cold Fox.

Which Brands Like Reformation Are the Most Affordable?

When comparing retailers on the list of brands like Reformation above, we found that some have a more affordable collection of items than others. 

These brands include The Line by K, With Jean, and Réalisation Par. All of these brands are able to offer price filters that are not only below $100, but also have a wide collection of outfits that fit within a lower price range. 

Which Brands Like Reformation Offer the Best Quality?

While compiling the list of brands like Reformation, we discovered that some brands offer the best quality clothing due to their ethical and well-researched material sourcing, as well as valuing local artisans and their crafts. 

The stores that uphold such values and promise to deliver high-quality pieces are Faithfull, Staud, La Ligne, Posse, Realisation Par, and For Love & Lemons.

Final Thoughts

When you’ve placed sustainability and ethical sourcing at the top of your shopping list, then finding stores that uphold similar values is a must before you can start your shopping spree. 

Reformation is a brand that values both of these ideals. Also, they focus on the people involved at all stages of their production process and of course their target audience. With so many benefits of shopping at such a sustainable brand, it’s only logical that customers like you want to find other brands like Reformation that offer similar products backed by the same ideals.

Well, go ahead and shop worry-free using our list of brands like Reformation above—knowing that you’re moving in the right direction for the health of our planet.

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