30 Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

About Deer Skull Tattoos

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

It’s not as gruesome as it sounds or exclusive to hunters only, a deer skull tattoo actually has many different renditions that can be a beautiful addition to your body.

Whether it’s your first tattoo or you’ve lost count, the deer skull tattoo can be drawn in different sizes, angles, and designs to suit your preference. 

To help you get a better idea of how to tailor the tattoo so that it reflects your style and personality best, this article will go over some important info.

And before the ink touches your skin, consider reading these tips and guidelines. 

After reading this guide, you’ll understand:

  • What the deer skull tattoo symbolizes
  • Placement options 
  • Average costs for the tattoo
  • Different design ideas 
  • History associated with the tattoo

What Do Deer Skull Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Deers are animals everyone stops to look at while remaining extremely quiet staring in admiration of the gentle creature. There is respect associated with the animal, so much so that deer and deer skull tattoo designs are a popular choice.

Of course, meanings can be subjective and the tattoo can be altered to mean anything you want. Your tattoo also isn’t obligated to have deeper symbolism attached to it—you’re more than allowed to get the tattoo if you simply adore the art of it. 

However, if you’re looking for a general meaning to connect to or like the idea of being able to relate to symbolic messages, then there is significance to be found. 

The deer skull tattoo meaning doesn’t have to be complex: you might get this tattoo simply because you love the animal and its peaceful, tender demeanor. The edgier image of the skull can either match your personality or the rest of the artwork on your body. 

Some imply that the deer skull tattoo can symbolize the transition between life and death.

Deer are friendly herbivores who are usually found deep in the woods or in lively open fields of grass. Even their movement and prancing are seen as majestic. So, the skull can show death and decay in a more modest manner. 

A stag, which is a male deer, is one of the most traditional deer skull tattoo designs. The meaning behind a stag is extensive in the tattoo world.

The male deer is viewed as mature and powerful with its giant antlers and brawny posture. So, the stag can symbolize maturity, poise, and resilience.

Deer are one species that are native to almost every continent, so they’re commonly found in lots of different cultural folklore, mythology, or spiritual stories.

So, people may have the deer skull tattoo to reflect and symbolize aspects of their spirituality or culture. 

The antlers are a crucial component when deciding the meaning behind the tattoo. If the antlers are pointed downwards, it mimics the defensive stance of a deer. Deers behave this way to show feelings of danger or when quarreling.

So, if you want a more aggressive, bold meaning, then consider a lower design for the antlers on the deer skull. 

Where To Get A Deer Skull Tattoo

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

There’s no right or wrong answer when deciding where to get your deer skull tattoo.

But, before you set your heart on a specific spot, make sure you consider the size and shape of the design. The antlers and other design elements you might add may require a bigger canvas. 

Some of the popular placements for deer skull tattoos are:

  • Across the back/shoulders
  • Across the chest
  • Inside or outside of the bicep 
  • Back of the neck
  • Calf or thigh 
  • Ribcage
  • Forearm

All tattoos will be permanent, but some locations will have better longevity on the skin than others.

Tattoos that can be hidden from the sun will stay looking the freshest, especially if there is color incorporated in the design. Exposure to UV rays can cause the color and lining of the tattoo to fade quickly. 

With that in mind, areas like the chest, back, or rib cage would be the best spots to consider. These areas provide a larger canvas so your design can be bigger in size. Plus, there will be more room for added images like flowers or landscapes. 

There are certain body parts that also experience more friction than others.

Excessive rubbing from shoes, socks, or even backpacks could lead to sweating or abrasion that deteriorates the tattoo faster. This means tattoos near the feet, hands, or shoulders may not last as long as others. 

The permanent tattoo ink will stick regardless but, of course, we want your artwork to stay as vibrant as possible. The best way to ensure your ink stays looking great is to follow your tattoo artist’s post-care instructions carefully.

This usually will require staying out of water and sunlight for a period of time, keeping your tattoo moisturized during the healing process, and not picking the scabs as it heals too. 

How Much Do Deer Skull Tattoos Cost?

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Since there’s an overflowing amount of deer skull tattoo ideas, they all come at a variety of prices. The cost of a deer skull tattoo varies based on certain factors. We’ve listed the most important ones below.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Quality of ink
  • Quality of design
  • Amount of details included/wanted
  • Individual artist pricing

Obviously, the bigger the tattoo the more expensive it will be (since it needs more time and ink). If you’d like to add color to your deer skull tattoo, this will require more ink.

Tattooing with color requires more technique, skill, and work from your artist so the cost usually goes up—especially since colored ink is pricier to buy. 

The quality of the ink is also a major factor when determining the total cost of your session. Some artists buy top-of-the-line ink for their artwork to guarantee it suits most people’s skin (and won’t be rejected by the body), stays vibrant, and has longevity. 

Also, every tattoo artist will have different pricing based on their level of skill and expertise. For example, some artists specialize in tiny, detailed designs. And this type of tattoo work is harder to master.

Plus, there are artists who specialize in portraits or realistic tattoos that need an extra level of attention and ability. So, know the style you like the best and look for the most qualified artist in your area

Ultimately, tattoos aren’t something you want to find a deal for or cheap out on. This is a piece of art that will become a part of you for the rest of your life. Lower prices can be tempting but the final result may not be as perfect and strong as you’d like.

Personally, my first tattoo was part of a two-for-one deal. My 18-year-old bank account loved it, but now I wish I would’ve saved up for a better quality tattoo and finer design. 

30 Best Deer Skull Tattoo Designs


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 


Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Deer Skull Tattoo

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Aside from the meanings we mentioned above, the deer skull tattoo does have a bit of history attached to it.

The most common historical meaning is in reference to the sport of hunting. In fact, deer are ranked as one of the most hunted animals in the world. The sport of hunting deer dates back thousands of years ago—so yes, there is a lot of history. 

Deer are one of the most hunted animals because they’re found almost everywhere. That means the activity can be done no matter which state you’re in.

Plus, hunters say that the large animal is a hefty source of healthy meat which is another reason why this species is popular. 

Hunters also say that deer are some of the most fun animals to track since they have unique, quiet habits that take special attention to notice and follow.

So, if a deer is successfully hunted, it gives the hunter a sense of accomplishment. It indicates that the hunter has a high level of skill for completing such a difficult task.

That being said, modern avid hunters are known for getting a deer skull tattoo to show respect and admiration for the trophy animal

Indigenous cultures have always used every part of a deer and performed rituals over the dead animals to show appreciation for the spirit and sacrifice.

For example, Cherokee hunters often throw some of the deer parts into a fire as a sacrifice. They also pray to the gods for forgiveness for taking the animal’s life.

But, in most tribes, deer represent fertility and the circle of life. Also, the species has a history of being appreciated for its offerings. 

Which Celebrities Have A Deer Skull Tattoo?

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Country music star Maren Morris has an abstract deer skull tattoo on her inner bicep. The design has soft hues and a watercolor-like appearance. The flowers on the top of the head add elegance to the soft edging of the darker skull style. 

The Grammy award-winning singer mixes her Texan roots and empowered femininity into her tattoo design

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

American actress Jordan Hinson showcases her deer skull tattoo at the top of her inner forearm. Like Maren Morris, she adds a feminine touch to the design that’s meant to showcase her connection to her hometown of El Paso, Texas.

Her tattoo has bolder lining and vibrant colors which makes it look like an old traditional tattoo style

Best Deer Skull Tattoo Ideas 

Paris Jackson has a front view of a deer tattooed on the front of her forearm, just above her wrist.

Although the design is not a skull, she adds a grunge vibe by including a heart that has an arrow plunged through it. And this arrow is directed toward the animal’s head. Her tattoo has no color but features fine lines, sketching, and stippling techniques.

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