5 Euphoria Outfit Ideas

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

It’s no secret that television has a direct impact on fashion. From Stranger Things to Bridgerton, viewers are exposed to multiple aesthetics without the need to head outside.

Particular garments are typically reflective of a cultural mood or generation. If we’re talking about teenage debauchery, Euphoria generally comes to mind. 

Moody, emotional, and overly dramatic, Euphoria is both known for its bat-shit crazy plot and its unique aesthetic.

I think it’s fair to say that no high school student looks like Rue or Maddy unless they’re blessed with a relaxed dress code. But for those in need of Euphoria outfit ideas outside of class, I’ll provide a small cheat sheet below. 

This short guide may or may not include:

  • Euphoria outfit ideas for men 
  • Euphoria outfit ideas Rue inspired 
  • Euphoria outfit ideas Cassie inspired
  • Maddy Euphoria outfit ideas

What Makes Up A Euphoria Outfit?

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Euphoria outfit ideas typically revolve around the characters themselves. This includes outfits made popular by Cassie, Rue, Maddy, Jules, Kat, and so forth.

According to some hardcore fans, all ensembles mirror the mood and personality of each hero and heroine. 

What Is Euphoria?

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Euphoria is an American TV show that’s exclusive to HBO. It focuses on Rue (played by Zendaya), who tries to navigate the obstacles of life as a recovering drug addict.

Sydney Sweeny, Jacob Elordi, and Maude Apatow are three of the many celebrity actors featured in the series. 

What Are Some Popular Euphoria Outfit Ideas?

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

As previously mentioned, the most popular Euphoria outfit ideas mirror the characters themselves. This includes:

  • A Rue Euphoria outfit 
  • Jules Euphoria outfit ideas 
  • Cassie Euphoria outfit ideas 
  • Kat Euphoria outfit ideas 
  • Lexi Euphoria outfit ideas

Care for some specifics? If so, up next, I’ll share some Euphoria outfit ideas worth considering. 

5 Euphoria Outfit Ideas

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Maddy is known to sport sultry OOTDs. Case in point, this ‘Euphoria outfit ideas’ contender features a glittery bralette, a sheer maxi skirt, and black bikini bottoms—to help keep things conservative. 

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

If you want to dress like Rue, it’s best to stick with baggy clothing. Oversized tees and full-coverage garments definitely showcase the carefree attitude that the character is known for. 

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Nate Jacobs’ core aesthetic is best described as preppy, casual, and reflective of basic teenage fashion.

This ‘Euphoria outfit ideas’ contender is considered the perfect example of this look, as it consists of a simple brown tee, matching pants, and a pair of dad-esque sneakers. 

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Cassie tends to dabble in the softgirl aesthetic. In terms of silhouette, she generally favors form-fitting clothing like mini skirts and crop tops.

I recommend opting for pastel colors and simple prints if you intend on mirroring her style. 

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Jules is considered one of the more fashion-forward characters in Euphoria. Her entire aesthetic revolves around bright colors, layering, and interesting prints.

Those who prefer playfulness over teenage moodiness may choose Jules as their style role model. 

Fashion Tips to Avoid With Euphoria Outfits

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Euphoria is known to be quite experimental when it comes to fashion. Known to blend various core aesthetics together, it encourages viewers to have fun with their current style.

If you intend on copping the same moody vibe, here are some fashion tips to avoid. 

  1. Ultra-conservative: Mid-2000s mom fashion is not the vibe here. 
  2. ‘Basic’ fashion: Most Euphoria outfit ideas offer some sort of spark. This isn’t the time to opt for your usual go-to’s. 
  3. Extreme maximalism: Aside from Kat and Cassie, most characters opt for simple fits instead. 
  4. Euphoria merch: Technically speaking, creating a Euphoria outfit is easy if you own branded clothing. That said, it’s considered an easy cop-out. 

Best Places To Buy Euphoria Outfits

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Below, I’ll recommend some trendy shops if you’re in need of Euphoria outfit ideas.

  • Dolls Kill 
  • Nasty Gal 
  • Lazy Oaf 
  • ASOS

Final Thoughts

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

We often fantasize about what we should’ve worn back in high school. This is especially true for past students who weren’t limited to a dress code.

Given that fashion is receptive to all genders and ages, take this as a sign to channel your inner 16yearold. I’m sure that Maddy, Cassie, and Kat would approve of the Euphoria outfit ideas you currently have. 

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