30 Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

About Godzilla Tattoos

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

Have you ever seen that enormous sea monster that bashes through buildings on the streets of Tokyo? His name is Godzilla and he’s been destructive for many decades.

He may not be the prettiest thing to look at, but he is starting to take another world by storm—the tattoo world. It has become a trend to get a Godzilla tattoo and showcase the untamed beast on your body. 

Since he wasn’t exactly designed to be a symbol of grace and beauty, some are unsure how to display his horror in a tasteful permanent way. But, we’re about to break through and destroy that creative block and help you brainstorm some Godzilla tattoo ideas

After reading this article, you’ll know:

  • What a Godzilla tattoo means and symbolizes
  • Recommended body parts to get the design
  • Estimated cost 
  • Some of the best Godzilla tattoo designs
  • History associated with the creature and artwork

Vintage movie lovers are one of the most dedicated groups of people.

So, if you’re a part of the film buff crew or you’re hoping to join soon then you’ll understand all you need to know about what makes Godzilla popular. But if all of this is new to you, we’re here to fill you in.

What Do Godzilla Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

Even though he’s just a ferocious beast from Japanese films, a Godzilla tattoo has a surprising amount of meanings and symbolism that lie beneath the ink. 

Firstly, Godzilla is a universal symbol of fright and panic. This comes from his monstrous role of being an enormous creature of destruction throughout the city.

So, your Godzilla tattoo can be a reference to your ferocious, larger-than-life personality and lifestyle. It could also just be a way to showcase your love of horror films and sci-fi cult classics

As you’ll learn in the upcoming history section of this article, Godzilla was created based on historical references and feelings surrounding the period of the Cold War. The introduction and use of nuclear weapons relate directly to the beast. 

Some say Godzilla tattoo designs can have a deeper meaning that warns us about the consequences of modern technology and science in a fictional realm.

As Godzilla adapted into an anti-hero, some have found beauty and appreciation in his terrifying appearance and his ability to demolish large objects and cityscapes. So, some get a Godzilla tattoo to symbolize untraditional protection against unpredictable events. 

Perhaps the most obvious Godzilla tattoo meaning is this: it’s a way to show your avid devotion and love of retro films.

In fact, it’s actually quite common for people to get their favorite movies or characters tattooed on their bodies—such as superheroes or Disney faces. Getting a Godzilla tattoo will definitely show your loyalty to the horror or science-fiction genres

Since the monster is one of the most easily recognizable, terrifying characters in Japanese and American pop culture, it’s safe to say that your tattoo will probably always be known and will never lose its meaning. 

Godzilla has built iconic credentials in the film industry and he has a notorious reputation that’s still going strong.

His legacy only continues in the modern era as Hollywood is still featuring the monster in their latest films, like Godzilla vs. Kong, which just premiered last year!

Where To Get A Godzilla Tattoo

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

Whether your tattoo design will be giant like the character or a smaller version of him, you have an endless amount of options for where to get the Godzilla tattoo.

If the thought of that overwhelms you, then here are some of the best body parts to get your design:

  • Back
  • Thigh
  • Bicep
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Ribcage

If you do plan on showcasing Godzilla on a larger scale, then you’ll have to sign up for some extra time in the artist’s chair. If you’re worried about the pain level associated with the area of your choice, then let me break down the tattoo pain scale. 

Any design surrounding or close to bones will hurt more than a muscle area. So, expect areas like the ribcage or shoulder to be more painful than the others. 

If you’d like your Godzilla tattoo to be as immortal as the creature, then the body part you choose will come into play. Areas that are usually left to soak up the sun might affect, and wear down, the tattoo at a faster pace. 

The sun’s strong rays will likely make the ink fade quicker if exposed constantly. So, if you expect to be getting tanned for the rest of your life, then think about whether you’ll be able to protect your ink. 

The same goes for tattoos in spots that experience rubbing or sweat. For example, if you wear a backpack every day then the straps will be rubbing against your shoulder and this could distort a tattoo—especially during the healing process. 

We know Godzilla is destructive, but you shouldn’t be after you get your tattoo done. The first weeks of the healing phase are pretty important so a few days of patience will go a long way. 

This is the period when your ink will start to scab over and even though it can be itchy and tempting to pick it, don’t pick at it. Instead, let the scab fall off naturally so you won’t disfigure the ink. Keeping it moisturized and away from the sun is also a good idea and will make the healing process easier.  

How Much Do Godzilla Tattoos Cost?

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

There are some factors you can consider that will help you guess the price of your Godzilla tattoo. So, if you’re on a budget or just curious about the overall cost of your tattoo then think about:

  1. Size of the tattoo
  2. Details included in the design
  3. Quality of ink 
  4. Time spent

I’m assuming that if you’re getting a Godzilla tattoo, then you likely won’t shy away from a huge design. But of course, the bigger the canvas and art, the more expensive your tattoo will be.

This is because it will require more time during the creative process and more ink that the artist will need to supply. 

In this case, intricate details will definitely be needed to make sure your tattoo looks are realistic as possible. Not only will you want the creature to look realistic, but the design surrounding the focal point as well. 

For example, you might get Godzilla in a city setting that needs attention to details like windows in buildings or cars on the streets. So, expect your artist to put in some extra effort to tattoo these details—which will take more time and cost more money. 

I mention this point for any tattoo: the quality of the ink is always something people overlook or don’t take seriously enough. I’ve learned this from personal past mistakes.

And I’ve learned the importance of investing in an artist who invests in their studio and supplies. It is so crucial

A lower price for a tattoo or deal always catches our attention, but a permanent piece of artwork is not something you want to cheap out on.

After all, the better the quality, the better the final outcome of your Godzilla tattoo and the longer it will last. 

30 Best Godzilla Tattoo Designs


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 


Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Godzilla Tattoo

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

The fictional Japanese creature was created in 1954 and shown in one of Ishiro Honda’s classic films.

You can probably guess that there is a lot of history surrounding the beast since he’s been around for a while. The monster first appeared in a movie named after him and Godzilla has since appeared in over thirty films in Japan. 

The scary, larger-than-life character has become an icon in pop culture and expanded outside of the Japanese film industry. Since then he’s been featured in three Hollywood movies and a list of video games, books, and television shows. 

The idea behind creating Godzilla came from the devastating war bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Godzilla’s origin story is that he is a gigantic, ancient sea monster that was rebooted and powered by nuclear radiation

So, in Japanese minds, Godzilla is an ongoing metaphor for nuclear weapons and destruction—you know, since he storms through all those buildings in Tokyo. 

As more films were released, Godzilla evolved into a less solemn character with disheartening connotations. He eventually was portrayed as an unconventional hero who tried to defend the needs of humanity.

Nowadays, he’s commonly called ‘the king of the monsters,’ so you can guess that your Godzilla tattoo will be universally recognized and respected

Currently, the creature is one of many Kaiju monsters and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As we’ve learned, Godzilla tattoos have a lot of historical significance.

And when thinking about the wider meaning of the tattoo, it can honor Japanese culture, and sci-fi, or just show appreciation for the films and pop culture references themselves. 

Which Celebrities Have A Godzilla Tattoo?

Best Godzilla Tattoo Ideas 

NBA player Danny Green recently got a tattoo on his upper thigh that features the dinosaur monster at the bottom. He got his ink shortly before the release of the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong to show his admiration for the Japanese creature.

The Philadelphia 76ers shooter also incorporated King Kong, King Ghidorah, and Rodan in his large black and white design.

His Godzilla tattoo design perfectly evokes that feeling of panic and widespread destruction that’s portrayed in every iconic Godzilla film to date. 

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