30 Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

About Peach Tattoos

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

I don’t think I’ve met a person who doesn’t like peaches. Whether it’s the food itself, peach-flavored items, or even the cute, orange appearance of the fruit.

Aside from its delicious taste and being a must-grab on grocery runs, the peach has become a tattoo trend. The design has been inked on peach lovers in a variety of illustrations and styles. 

Peach tattoos have been seen in both large and tiny designs. Features like colors, details, and the location are up to you. But, don’t get overwhelmed by all these choices.

This article will help you figure out all you need to know about your upcoming peach tattoo. 

After reading this guide, you’ll understand:

  • Peach tattoo meanings and symbolism 
  • Best areas to get your peach tattoo
  • Typical costs to expect
  • Peach tattoo design ideas

Personally, I think that the best part about peach tattoo designs is that they can easily be done on a smaller scale without altering the look or meaning behind the tattoo.

It’s a perfect choice if you’re wanting some new ink without committing to a grand tattoo—or you could get a huge peach if you’d like—you do you!

What Do Peach Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

A peach tattoo symbolizes youth and immortality. So, if you’re always young at heart then it’s a perfect reflection of you. To many, this tattoo is also a way of wishing yourself and others a long, happy, and healthy life.

The peach tattoo designs are also a way to showcase that you value peace in important areas of your life such as work, health, love, and relationships. 

Recently, the peach tattoo has established a feminine meaning. It is a trendy way to showcase your admiration and appreciation for the female body and its curves.

So, if you’re a feminist or absolutely love your curves, which you always should, then a peach is a great tattoo to get. 

A peach tattoo is also a way to honor everyone’s favorite season: summer. Like the warmer months, this fruit is warmly colored and their tropical taste evokes the summer fever we all crave.

If you’re a beach lover and become your best self during the summer, then a peach tattoo is an iconic way to honor the season

In the United States, Georgia’s nickname is ‘The Peach State.’ In fact, peaches have become the state’s fruit. And the peach is a pretty prominent symbol throughout the state.

Any Georgia-born folks who want to showcase your roots can’t go wrong with a peach tattoo.

The warm tone of the peach tattoo has its own separate meaning. Some relate the warm orangey, yellowish color to feelings of lust, friendship, and caring. It is true that warm colors can also make you feel warm inside, so these meanings make sense to us!

If you’re looking for a dainty, but vibrant tattoo, that is full of juicy meanings then the peach tattoo will check all your boxes.

The best part about tattoos is that they don’t even need to have any deeper meaning. For instance, maybe you just like the cute color or shape of a peach and that’s totally fine! 

Also, maybe peaches represent a loved one or a personal memory. The symbolism of a peach tattoo is not limited to what we’ve suggested. In fact, it’s kind of awesome if you create your own narrative

Where To Get A Peach Tattoo

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

People get their peach tattoo in a variety of spots, some more popular than others. Depending on the size of your design, here are some of the best areas for your tattoo:

  • Forearm
  • Hip
  • Back
  • Neck 
  • Behind the ear
  • Wrist 
  • Ankle

If any of those body parts sound tempting, there are a few after-care tips you should know. First, any tattoo that is exposed to the sun often has a higher risk of fading—especially if you’re showing off that iconic peachy color.

So, if you live in a warm location and sunbathing is part of your routine, be cautious of how much of the rays your ink is soaking up. 

The same goes for any body part that deals with a lot of rubbing from purses, backpacks, shoes, etc. The friction caused by that rubbing or sweat could also lead to quicker fading.

So, if you’re hoping to keep your peach tattoo looking as peachy as possible, then try to avoid exposure to the sun and constant rubbing

The best advice you’ll get will be from the tattoo artist themselves. The healing period needs some extra care to ensure your ink heals as perfectly as possible.

The artist will be sure to tell you what you need to watch out for. So listen to the experts and you’ll be good to go!

How Much Do Peach Tattoos Cost?

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

The price of a tattoo is not the easiest thing to predict. Typically, a peach tattoo is small and pretty simple for the artist to design.

But, some may choose to incorporate it into a larger illustration. So, when estimating the cost of your tattoo, think about the following factors:

  1. Size of the tattoo
  2. If color is featured
  3. Amount of details incorporated 
  4. Quality of the ink
  5. Time spent

Basically, if your tattoo is big and full of amazing detail then you can expect the cost to increase. The more time the artist spends on drawing and tattooing the peach on you, the more expensive it will become. 

The style of tattoo you get may demand a higher cost too. For instance, some peach tattoo ideas are in the American traditional style, featuring bold lines and colors.

While others are minimalistic designs that feature soft shading techniques. Plus, different styles call for artists who specialize in specific tattoo designs

The one thing to never cheap out on is the ink used by your artist. Always pick an artist that values the quality of their ink.

Don’t look for the cheapest quote because it might not always result in the best design. High-quality ink will last longer and look brighter on the skin, which is exactly what you want!

30 Best Peach Tattoo Designs


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 


Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

History Of The Peach Tattoo

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

The peach is rich in flavor and the peach tattoo is also rich in history. It has a longstanding history in numerous cultures and religions around the world. So, it seems like the peach is universally appreciated.

For our history lovers, it’s cool to know that the fruit was cultivated around 1600 in Mexico. But, it was originally cultivated in the early years of China.

Then, through trade and importing practices, it moved throughout Asia, Mediterranean countries, Europe, and North America. Needless to say, the peach has been around. 

Taoist philosophers have been using the fruit to symbolize longevity and immortality in their religion for a long period of time.

Chinese mythology has adopted a virtue that suggests that anyone who eats the peach can be rewarded with immortality. In fact, peaches are a symbol in Chinese art and represent a happy and long life. 

In Chinese culture, the peach is a token of luck. In China, according to legend, a peach plant of immortality can be found in the Kun Lun mountains. This plant is said to only produce the tart fruit once every 3,000 years.

In Korean culture, the peach is also rich with symbolism. To them, it also represents happiness, prosperity, and longevity.

However, the peach can have negative connotations in the Korean belief system. You may notice that when they honor the dead, they try to keep peaches away because they believe the fruit has the ability to repel the spirits of loved ones. 

Which Celebrities Have A Peach Tattoo?

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Bieber, got matching peach tattoos last year. The fruit honors the singer’s release of his chart hit “Peaches.”

The Canadian artist and his other half chose a minimalist design to go on his neck while the model placed hers on her inner forearm—couple goals!

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

Singer John Mayer has a small bright peach separated from the bottom of his left arm’s traditional-style sleeve. His design actually commemorates a memory. 

The artist captioned his new ink saying, “a gift from living master of Japanese tattoo named Horitoshi. Hand done in his shop while listening to blues music and watching sumo wrestling. A great memory.”

The singer’s tattoo matches perfectly with his Japanese-inspired sleeve filled with warm, vibrant tones. 

Best Peach Tattoo Ideas 

Singer Bea Miller created a unique design for her peach tattoo. Rather than getting an illustration of the fruit itself, she tattooed the word ‘peaches’ on her shoulder.

For Bea, her tattoo is very symbolic. It honors her twin sisters Esther and Georgia. The pair grew up calling their older sister peaches since they couldn’t pronounce her full name, Beatrice.

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