What To Wear Golfing

Golf is confusing enough on its own, so deciding what to wear for golfing could feel a bit overwhelming. Plus, it can feel like a lot to figure out when you’re unsure if there are any style rules for golf course attire.

And not knowing what you’d like to wear will only add to the confusion. But picking out golfing clothes is also the part of the golfing experience we enjoy the most. 

Whether this is your first time putting together an outfit for golfing or you’re trying to go for something different next time you’re playing golf, this guide will show you a lot of outfit ideas for what to wear when golfing. 

What Is Golf?

Golf is a very common sport in North America and a popular recreational activity among people of all ages, but it’s extremely popular among seniors.

Mini golf is a favorite among families with smaller kids and friend groups that prefer something more low-key. 

It involves swinging a club to hit the ball as close to the hole on the golf course as possible.

Since it’s an outdoor activity, what to wear golfing in 60 degree weather can be something you find yourself pondering. Luckily, this guide will address all of your concerns. 

History Of Golf

‘Ball and stick’ games date back to 11th century China, but the present form of golf as we know it emerged in Scotland in the 15th century

Golf started to gain popularity in the 19th century at the same time the development of the Scottish railway system was taking place. That meant that English tourists were able to take the train to Scotland to go on holidays as well as golf trips. 

Golf fashion has greatly evolved over the decades as well. In the 1920s, male golfers were sporting very dapper golfing looks that included:

  • Patterned long socks
  • Two-tone shoes
  • Shirts and ties
  • Knitted cardigans

The golf dress was also popularized during the flapper era and it was a go-to in every ‘what to wear golfing female’ style book. 

In the ‘30s and ‘40s, players started wearing more casual fits featuring long flannel pants and skirts. Finally, following the heatwave of the US Open in 1933—just like that—golf fashion went from featuring heavy fabrics to lighter and more casual clothing. 

Today’s golfing attire is casual as well. Popular women’s golf attire includes a shirt and skirt or shorts.

While the most common men’s golf outfit is a golf shirt with a pair of lightweight pants, there are also polo shirts and two-tone golf shoes, which never seem to go out of style. 

What To Wear Golfing

Golf fashion is much more casual today and it combines elements of both traditional and modern styles.

It’s always worth checking if a club has a dress code before you head out to play.

You might already own some of the items in your closet to put together an outfit—which will make choosing what to wear golfing much easier and more convenient. Wardrobe essentials and basics should be your go-to’s whenever in doubt.

Besides shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses, what shoes you wear golfing will matter as well.

While proper golf attire might not always be straightforward when it comes to clothing items, footwear is important. Proper golfing shoes are an essential part of choosing what to wear golfing. 

In the section below, we’ll go through lots of style ideas for both men and women. So check out our golf outfit men and women editions. We’ll also take a look at what to wear golfing when it’s cold as well as what to wear golfing in 50 degree weather. 

3 Outfit Ideas For Golfing For Men

Here’s a list of golf attire for men:

#1 T-shirt & Shorts 

We’re starting this list off with a very classic look. This T-shirt and shorts combo is a great outfit for warmer seasons, but some colors might work better than others. For instance, you might decide to go with a brighter shirt and darker shorts and vice versa.

What makes this look classy is the belt. As seen here, the right belt can make the whole outfit a bit more polished. It’s also a very functional accessory, so you don’t have to worry about how the shorts sit on your hips. 

#2 Vest & Pants 

For colder days on the golf course, a long-sleeve top will become an essential part of your golf attire. As seen here, you can add a vest that matches the long-sleeve shirt, but a contrasting color can add a bit of fun to the look as well. 

Wearing a vest when golfing is a great idea, especially on windy days. And adding long pants might be a good call too if the weather conditions are on the chillier side. Swapping the long pants for a pair of shorts would also work well here (weather permitting, of course). 

#3 Bucket Hat & Shorts

What to wear golfing on a sunnier day will probably involve putting on a hat. While baseball caps are a very common golf accessory, bucket hats are super stylish as well! 

Protecting your head from the sun will be essential, especially if you’re spending an entire day on the golf course. Bucket hats protect your neck as well and you can find them in a variety of different colors.

So, if you opt for a black and white outfit like the one we’re seeing here, you can always add a bucket hat for fun. 

3 Outfit Ideas For Golfing For Women

And now it’s time to check out the ‘what to wear golfing women’ list: 

 #1 White Polo T-Shirt

White polo shirts are one of the signature golf looks. There are variations of the polo shirt, so the one you choose will mostly depend on your own personal style.

The shirt featured with this look is quite flowy and breathable, but you can also swap it for a more form-fitting one if you’d prefer a body-accentuating fit. 

When choosing what to wear golfing, white polo T-shirts are a classic go-to. But keep in mind that you’re not limited in what color you choose to wear. It’s always fun to match a shirt to a pair of bottoms though!

#2 Sweatshirt & Skirt

Sweatshirts are another staple clothing item for playing golf and they’re both stylish and functional. How are they functional? Well, they keep you warm. 

You might already have a sweatshirt in your closet that works well for you. Color coordinating your top with your skirt can create a cool look as well. 

If at any given point in the day the sun comes out, you can always wrap your sweatshirt around your shoulders.

You could also wear a light long sleeve shirt on sunnier days if you need some extra sun protection. Mesh tops would work well too if that’s the case. 

#3 Dress & Hat

When thinking about what to wear golfing for the first time ladies style ideas, of course, you’ve got several options. Plus golf fashion offers you a golf dress—and so many of them! 

You can always opt for a form-fitting dress as pictured here and you can have as much fun with the color as you’d like. You don’t have to stick to colder hues for instance. You could wear your favorite color instead. 

Plus, you can add sunglasses or a matching hat to complete the look and put together an outfit that’s both practical and chic. Since the golf dress has been around for a long time, you can easily find both traditional and modern styles. 

What Type Of Golfing Outfits Can You Get?

When we think about what to wear golfing men’s outfit ideas, there’s a lot that overlaps with women’s golf fashion. There are so many style variations and you can go with a couple of different looks.

For instance, you don’t always have to show up in proper golf attire. Here’s what we mean: you don’t have to be super concerned about what to wear golfing if you don’t have golf clothes.

In fact, you don’t have to go out of your way to purchase an outfit since you might already have what you need in your closet.

When in doubt, wardrobe basics and essentials should be your go-to’s. From there, you can build a more elaborate outfit, but starting with a lightweight cotton T-shirt is always a good idea. What to wear while golfing shouldn’t be complicated after all. 

If, on the other hand, you’re starting from scratch and would like to purchase a brand new outfit, you have plenty of options as well. 

Sporty outfits are quite common. You can easily put a look together that’s functional, so you might end up with fits that are more athletic than anything else. That’s not to say that you can’t play with colors and fabrics if you choose a sporty golfing outfit. 

Athleisure is another option when you’re thinking about what to wear golfing. It’s definitely an example of a more casual and laid-back look.

And it’s the perfect choice when you don’t want to limit yourself to strictly sporty outfits, but you’ll still be dressed appropriately for spending a day playing golf. 

How To Choose The Best Golfing Outfits 

When choosing what to wear golfing there are other variables to consider, such as the cost or quality of golf clothing you’re shopping for. In the section below, we’ll take a look at some of these deciding factors: 

  • Price

When you’re trying to find what to wear golfing, putting together an outfit can definitely add up.

If you’re starting from scratch you’ll have to consider buying everything from head to toe, including shoes and accessories. Sports stores are a great place to start, but you should expect to splurge on your golfing clothes. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your golf attire and get new golfing shoes, for example—depending on which brand you’re going for—you’ll probably have to invest a little. For example, Nike golf shoes sell for around $150

  • Quality

It’s always a great idea to consider buying golf clothes that can serve you more than just a handful of times. Investing in good quality products will make a difference in your performance too since you’ll be more comfortable on the golf course.

Items like shoes, for example, that are designed for running or standing on your feet for long periods of time, should be your priority. 

  • Material

You’ll probably want to wear lightweight fabrics when choosing what to wear golfing in the summer and it’s easy to find stylish, breathable, and light clothing.

Cotton and polyester fabrics are quite common. Polyester is supple with some stretch, while polyester blends, like polyester and spandex, are way stretchier. 

How To Style Golfing Outfits 

When you’re pondering what to wear golfing, think about wearing accessories as well. Accessories are not only a nice touch to add to your golfing outfit, but sometimes they’re also essential. Here are a few neat accessories you can use to style your outfit:

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Shades 
  • Visors 
  • Belts 
  • Socks

Styling your golfing outfits with accessories that work for you will be game-changing. You can choose to mix or match accessories and add as many or as few as you’d like.

The cool thing about wearing accessories is that you can take them off at any point during the day if they’re a bother. 

Subtle details that we don’t necessarily think about—such as our socks for example—should never be forgotten. Wearing socks is another way to style your golfing outfit.

White cotton socks are super cute! Many brands will use cotton material for comfort and the other benefits it offers. Cotton is machine washable and gives your feet a well-cushioned and comfortable feel. 

Polyester is another great material when it comes to activewear socks. It’s durable and long-lasting. Overall, golf socks are also great because they feature mesh material for better breathability and are, of course, a fun way to style your outfit. 

Another thing to consider, especially if you plan to spend a whole day on the golf course, is to bring a bag or even a fanny pack with you.

This is not only a great way to spruce up your golfing outfit, but it’s also super practical. If you ever feel stuck when figuring out what to wear golfing, a bag is a neat option because it’s both functional and stylish. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Golfing Outfits 

It’s true that golf course etiquette has changed over time and relaxed fits are more common than ever. And while there usually isn’t a strict dress code for golf course clubs, at the same time, there is such a thing as too casual. 

Of course, what you choose to wear will depend on the rules of the particular golf club you’re headed to, but it’s probably smart to avoid clothes that might make golfing itself more difficult.

And that includes footwear. Wearing flip-flops or sandals can make it difficult to move around the golf course. In case you’re wondering what shoes to wear golfing if you don’t have golf shoes, it’s best to wear running shoes with a sturdier sole.

Plus, wearing any clothes that are too loose-fitting might be a nuisance when trying to play on the course or use the club.

While it’d be tempting to wear athleisure that’s more appropriate for running errands rather than for playing sports, these clothes might not meet your needs on the golf course.

How To Take Care Of Golfing Outfits 

Regular washes are the best way to take care of your golfing outfits. Some lighter fabrics might require you to hand-wash them for a thorough clean—and this will also make your clothes last longer.

For regular machine washes, adding fabric softener will make a huge difference

Properly storing certain accessories like sunglasses is also a good idea and will keep them intact.

If you plan to bring your shades with you to the golf course, make sure they’re in a proper case or wrapped in a cloth pouch to protect them from scratching or breaking. 

Also, make sure you give your golf shoes or sneakers a deep clean occasionally. You could use a cleaning product or even a toothbrush to clean them inside out.

The toothbrush can access the hard-to-reach corners of your sneakers and help create a light, soapy foam. After you’re done cleaning your shoes, rinse them with warm water, and let them air dry.

Best Places To Buy Golfing Outfits 

Sports stores are always your best bet when you’re shopping for golf attire. If figuring out what to wear golfing is on your agenda, you can find great activewear at retailers like Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon.

Plus, each of these brands has a line of golf clothing, footwear, and accessories

When picking your accessories, you’re not limited to sports stores only since which ones you choose will greatly depend on your own personal style.

Nordstrom has a wide selection and you’ll find everything from sunglasses to socks there. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you can always keep an eye out for sales offered at any of these retailers. 

For more old-school, traditional golfing outfits, you can also check out a vintage shop nearby. There’s always a chance you might score a rare skirt from the ‘60s. 

Final Thoughts

Golf is a lot more fun when you have a chance to plan your golfing outfit—especially when you can stay true to your own personal style.

And given the number of options you have to choose from, you should be able to put together a look that suits you best. So deciding what to wear golfing can be an enjoyable experience.

Since golf has such a long history, golf fashion has had a chance to evolve and present new styles each decade. Contemporary styles can be a mix of both old-school and modern outfits.

Many old-school styles, especially when it comes to hats, have also been making a comeback.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted many of these styles and shared lots of style tips with you. So you can keep them in mind the next time you’re trying to put together a golfing outfit. 

Fashion has also been a huge part of the sport itself and both professional and recreational players are invited to partake in looking stylish on the golf course.

Whether you’d prefer a simple or more intricate look, chances are you’ll be able to find an outfit that’s both functional and fashion-forward at the same time. 

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