31 Best Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

About Playboy Bunny Tattoos

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

Throughout pop culture history, there has never been a brand as scandalous yet iconic as Playboy.

Although Playboy started as a lifestyle and entertainment publication for men, the brand eventually blew up and became a worldwide sensation. In fact, it grew to such prominence that the Playboy Bunny tattoo became a common body art design. 

Despite it being a popular tattoo design, the Playboy Bunny tattoo is not for the faint of heart.

The Playboy brand carries a lot of weight in the form of scandal, discrimination, and sexism. However, these things seem to matter not to those who can’t help but display their love for the popular brand. 

With many modern tattoos taking the look of unconventional designs, it’s no surprise that the Playboy Bunny tattoo has taken off.

However, like most tattoos, this tatt does require a good amount of thought before it becomes branded on your body. 

If you’re currently considering getting a tattoo for the first time or adding another tattoo to your collection, allow this guide to expand your options. After reading through the text, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Playboy Bunny tattoo ideas
  • The Playboy Bunny tattoo meaning
  • Various Playboy Bunny tattoo designs
  • Cost of the tattoo
  • History of Playboy Bunny tattoos

What Do Playboy Bunny Tattoos Mean And Symbolize?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

The Playboy tattoo’s meaning isn’t as black and white as many other tattoos, instead, it’s a design that could mean a number of things. 

One of the most obvious reasons one might have a Playboy Bunny tattoo is that they’re a fan of the notorious brand.

While the brand is synonymous to some people with everything wrong with pop culture, there’s no denying the influence, impact, and cultural significance of Playboy

What might seem like a lowbrow magazine for men for some is seen as the golden age of journalism to others. 

If you ever spot a fashion fan with a Playboy Bunny tattoo it could be due to their love for Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes.

The late fashion designer made history as the creative mind behind the Playboy bunny costume as well as being a Black woman designing for a major label in the ‘60s. 

Another reason one might have a Playboy Bunny tattoo design is an ode to the early aughts.

While Juicy Couture sweatsuits were on every Los Angeles corner and Paris Hilton was at her popularity peak, the Playboy Bunny logo was as trendy as the Razr flip phone and the multicolored Louis Vuitton monogram. 

The Playboy Bunny is as important to the early 2000s as denim mini skirts and lowrise jeans. It’s a sign that promotes Playboy but also speaks to the nostalgia of the Y2k era

Lastly, a Playboy tattoo could simply mean the wearer is all about shock value and starting the conversation. The Playboy Bunny is an undeniable logo that most people recognize. 

While you might wonder if this tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is pro-sex-work, anti-sex-work, or simply a troll, there’s really only one way to find out and that’s by asking.

If the person with the Playboy Bunny tattoo got the design to get people talking, well then, they’ve succeeded. 

Where To Get A Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

While John Mayer considers the body a wonderland, most tattoo artists will tell you that the body is a canvas.

With skin being our largest organ, consider your earthy shell a large slab of real estate for all your tattoo ideas. However, when it comes to the Playboy Bunny tattoo, here are the best placements: 

  • Hand

Hand tattoos were once considered a taboo exclusively reserved for bad boys and rule-breakers but lately, hand tattoos have increased in popularity. Utilize the sides of your fingers for a micro Playboy Bunny tattoo or scale it large enough to cover your entire hand. 

  • Face 

Okay, it may seem crazy due to how sensitive the skin on our faces is in comparison to elsewhere, but don’t count out your moneymaker as a tattoo placement.

The forehead may seem rather forward but the high check and side of the eye have been known places for smaller scaled designs. 

However, you’re free to get crazy and creative with a cheek tattoo or two.  

  • Neck

Neck tattoo designs have seen all kinds of images and scripts. So a Playboy Bunny tattoo on the back, side, or center of your neck wouldn’t be so far-fetched. 

  • Arm

The arm is commonplace for tattoos due to the massive amount of area. Throw a medium-sized Playboy logo on your biceps for a design that winks when you flex or go a little more subtle and tatt the design on your inner forearm. 

  • Shoulder

Jay-Z once advised us all to “dust our shoulders off” and perhaps it was because our shoulders make great canvases for tattoos. Whether extra-large, wide or small, the shoulder holds a lot of room for you to get as creative as you want with your Playboy Bunny tattoo. 

  • Back 

The back is always a great placement for a tattoo. The massive amount of room gives you even more freedom to get creative or even scale your design tall and wide. 

  • Lower Back

Okay, a tramp stamp isn’t for everybody but with a Playboy Bunny tattoo design, you’re hitting the nail on the head with this placement.

Call us scandalous if you must but if you’re going to get a Playboy Bunny tattoo why not be incredibly on-brand with it?

  • Ankle 

The Playboy Bunny is a nod to the early 2000s so why not get the most early aughts placement you can get and tattoo your ankle. Whether you’re loud and proud about your tattoo or a little more conservative, the ankle offers the space to suit both needs. 

  • Leg 

The leg has a vast selection of places you can tattoo. If you’re a hardcore ink fan, go for the knee. If you prefer tattoos that hurt a lot less, try tattooing the upper thigh or shin. 

How Much Do Playboy Bunny Tattoos Cost?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

While we would love to tell you that finding out the cost of your tattoo is as simple as Googling your favorite band, that would be dishonest. The truth is, tattoos aren’t a complicated purchase but the final cost is determined by a number of things: 

  1. The artist – It’s a no-brainer that the artist plays a major role in determining the final price of your Playboy Bunny tattoo, but it’s because every tattoo artist is different. While some have been tattooing for years, others specialize in certain skills. So the price of your tattoo is going to depend on the skill level of your artist or how they rate their work.
  2. Size – At a bakery, the bigger a cake is the more expensive it ends up being, and tattoos are the same. The size of your tattoo determines how much time and work go into the design which, of course, affects the price.
  3. Color – Coloring a tattoo usually increases the price of the work since colored tattoos require a different skill set.
  4. Time – Lastly, time is a major contributor to the final price of your design. Some tattoo ideas require multiple appointments or long hours spent in the tattoo parlor and ‘time is money’ as it’s commonly said.  

Before any work is started, expect to pay a deposit that’s often $100+. Depending on where you get the work done, this number can decrease or increase. 

31 Best Playboy Bunny Tattoo Designs


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas


Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

History Of Playboy Bunny Tattoo

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

It’s hard to track the exact history of the Playboy Bunny tattoo, despite its popularity today.

While you may have come face to face with a few of these designs in your own life, there is no recorded history of this scandalous tattoo

What we do know is that the Playboy logo has been associated with lust, erotica, and fantasy, for decades.

It’s one of the defining symbols of sexual liberation in pop culture so although we are unaware of how the Playboy Bunny ended up tatted on bodies across the globe, it’s evident that this isn’t a tattoo design we’ll probably ever stop seeing. 

Which Celebrities Have A Playboy Bunny Tattoo?

Playboy Bunny Tattoo Ideas

There are quite a few celebrities who share an appreciation for the iconic bunny branded label.

Although some remain quiet on what attracted them to the Playboy Bunny tattoo design, others have been shamelessly vocal about loving everything Playboy stands for—from sexual liberation to the brand’s founding father Hugh Hefner

When it comes to celebrities celebrating the Playboy brand, singer/songwriter Halsey wears a Playboy Bunny tattoo on her arm.

Her design is intricate and different since the solid silhouette of the iconic bunny is tattooed within the back pocket of tattooed Levi jeans.

Rapper Post Malone is also a proud supporter of the Playboy Bunny. He has the notorious logo tattooed on his face! As I said, face tattoos are not so far-fetched.

Another rapper with this iconic tattoo is the infamous Bhad Bhabbie. The fiery redhead beauty has a Playboy Bunny tattoo on her wrist.

Also, beauty maven and viral sensation Bretman Rock commemorated his Playboy cover with a sultry Playboy Bunny tattoo on his hip. 

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