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Oh Polly is a popular British brand that specializes in the sexier side of current trends. Oh Polly’s owners Mike Branney and Claire Henderson built their business on philanthropy

On the company’s website, it’s stated that Oh Polly was founded as a way for Branney and Henderson to fund the Brannerson Foundation—a charity the two started in Cambodia. This is one of the many traits that separate Oh Polly from competitors and similar stores like Oh Polly. 

Founded in 2015, Oh Polly was retailed on the multinational e-commerce site eBay before moving onto the namesake platform we know today. Three years later, Oh Polly experienced significant growth. So much so that by 2018, the Brit brand had increased its staff size by over 100 people. 

And the following year Oh Polly was ranked as the UK’s 5th most engaged clothing retail social media brand. This is the benefit of Oh Polly’s social-first approach to retail. Today the brand boasts over four million followers on Instagram and the number rises with each collection launch.

In recent years, co-owner Claire Henderson has launched two sister brands of Oh Polly: the athleisure-focused Bo and Tee as well as Neena swimwear. Each brand is an extension of Oh Polly and they have a similar aesthetic throughout their collections. 

Oh Polly is a popular brand with a massive following but there are still other stores like Oh Polly that share a similar aesthetic and/or price point. If you’re new to Oh Polly or have been a fan since day one, keep reading this guide to learn more about the label and other online stores like Oh Polly. 

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How We Chose the Best Stores Like Oh Polly


Uncovering the price point is what will really set the stores like Oh Polly apart. The infamous label offers its shoppers the option to shop in a list of currencies with products starting below $10 and scaling as high as $150. This is a pretty roomy price range suitable for a variety of budgets, although dresses—an Oh Polly staple—cost about $60 on average. 


Like most UK fashion brands, Oh Polly caters to the high glam sexy aesthetic. The models wear makeup that ranges from soft glam to editorial-level looks and the clothing features plunging necklines, body-hugging fabrics, and cut-outs in all the right places. 

Oh Polly is where you go for that jaw-dropping date night look, dreamy vacay outfit, or even runway-inspired styles for the everyday slay. Whatever the occasion, Oh Polly aims to have a style you can wear for it but do approach with caution since these pieces are incredibly hot


Quality is a major factor that separates Oh Polly from stores like Oh Polly. As listed in the brand’s mission statement, Oh Polly aims to bring its shoppers trendy, high-quality products that are ethically made

Remember that the brand was built to fund a charity in Cambodia founded by the owners. This tells us that fair working conditions, workers’ rights, and human rights are of great importance to them personally and, as a result, their brand. 

Oh Polly is one of the select UK boutiques that designs and produces its apparel in-house. If you shop for an Oh Polly piece, trust that it came from one of the brand’s factories which are overseen and controlled by the company. On social media, Oh Polly is often credited for its superb quality and practices like this are what put that quality in place. 


Oh Polly is popular for the brand’s wide range of dresses but you can also find lots of other apparel on their site. Since going global, the UK favorite has widened its selection to include tops, bottoms, matching sets, and accessories. Since launching the sister brands Bo+Tee and Neena Swim, the Oh Polly collection has only broadened. 


Oh Polly is as convenient as most online boutiques. However, UK fans of the brand have a targeted advantage since Oh Polly offers free standard shipping throughout the UK as well as next-day delivery for a fair price. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Body diversity isn’t something you’ll find a lot of on the Oh Polly website or its social platforms. Although some styles are offered in sizes as large as UK 18 (US 14), the sizing average caps at UK 14 (US 10). This doesn’t offer much room for all body types. 

And even though Oh Polly does promote a range of body types, the slim body, which is the industry standard, is seen most on their site. 

10 Best Stores Like Oh Polly

#1 – Windsor

Windsor started as a hosiery and lingerie store in the late 30s and has since boomed into a fashion destination for apparel and more. The brand has over 200 storefront locations. As a result, it’s one of the stores like Oh Polly that has an added sense of convenience that Oh Polly doesn’t have. 

#2 – Monsoon

Monsoon is another UK brand built on philanthropy. Much like Mike Brenney and Claire Henderson, Monsoon founder Peter Simon saw an opportunity to help others through retail and thus began Monsoon. 

The trendy online store sells women’s and children’s clothing alongside accessories and home goods. A portion of the company’s proceeds is put into the Monsoon Accessorize Trust—a charity that provides aid to disadvantaged women and children across Asia. And although these two brands share charitable characteristics, their aesthetics are vastly different

If you’re looking for the show-stopping-in-your-face sexy apparel that Oh Polly is known for you may want to consider one of the other stores like Oh Polly. Even though Monsoon does offer select sexy dresses, the general aesthetic of this brand is bohemian and romantic

#3 – I Saw It First

I Saw It First is a fun and trendy fashion destination for the latest in micro trends and runway-inspired styles. Like Oh Polly, this brand shares a similar target audience of women ages 16-30. I Saw It First delivers a variety of styles from the flirty night-out fits to sleek pieces for the office. The price range of this boutique is also similar to Oh Polly. 

#4 – White Fox

No crop top is too short nor corset too tight for the Australian brand White Fox Label. You can shop for a variety of ‘too hot to handle’ garments on White Fox Label’s website, much like the steamy styles spotted on Oh Polly’s site. 

The brand has an abundance of apparel—which includes activewear and swimwear—as well as trendy accessories like mini bags and sleek sunglasses. 

#5 – Beginning Boutique

Where to begin with Beginning Boutique? It’s a punchy fashion brand that delivers trendy styles in all colors for women aged 16-30. Beginning Boutique is one of the few stores like Oh Polly that caters to the funky festival fashion scene.

#6 – Meshki

Meshki is one of the boutiques like Oh Polly that offers a similar sultry aesthetic. Where Oh Polly’s sexy style is that of the high glam gal, Meshki follows the soft sexy formula with a love for neutral tones, dewy skinned models, and an emphasis on cozy materials. 

The Meshki brand prides itself on delivering affordable luxe apparel which is designed at the brand’s Sydney headquarters. 

#7 – Topshop

Topshop has long been an iconic British retailer. What started as an extension of department store Peter Robinson soon grew to over 500 stores across multiple continents, a booming online business, runway presentations, and a red carpet presence. 

Today, Topshop is exclusively retailed online and offers a wide range of styles that speak to Topshop’s London street aesthetic. At Topshop, you’ll find outfits for far more occasions than Oh Polly since its selection is much bigger.

#8 – Accessorize

Accessorize London is a modern fashion brand for both the minimalist and the maximalist. It retails a wide range of products—from apparel to accessories, kids’ wear, shoes, and home goods. 

Unlike many of these other boutiques like Oh Polly, Accessorize caters to various aspects of your lifestyle. Whereas other stores like Oh Polly sell lots of apparel appropriate for killin’ it at the club, Accessorize brings you pieces for your closet and your bedroom

#9 – Stelly

Australia’s own Stelly is a fun and flirty fashion brand that speaks to the ease and effortlessness of coastal style. It’s aware of the trends that its audience of women between the ages of 16 and 30 love and offers plenty of sexy, trendy, and cottagecore-learning styles. And not all the other stores like Oh Polly feature this much versatility

#10 – Oasis Stores

Oasis has been a fashion destination for modern women since the brand launched in the ‘90s. It retails trend-focused and easy pieces you can dress up or down for a number of events—from a girls’ night to school, the office, or even a wedding.

The aesthetic of this fashion brand is different from Oh Polly since Oasis is more modern, modest, and versatile. This could be because the Oasis audience is not only the Oh Polly audience but women much older as well. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Are Closest In Comparison?

Although the previous list of clothing stores like Oh Polly exposed a great number of online boutiques that share a similar ethos with the brand, some brands come a little closer to achieving the Oh Polly model than others. 

When it comes to charitable efforts and transparency, Monsoon is the most like Oh Polly. Monsoon beautifully describes its story and charity involvement on the brand’s website, much like Oh Polly. 

It’s a detail about the brand that is hard to miss since it is so woven into the very core of the company. And this is something Oh Polly can certainly relate to. Also, both labels engage in environmentally-friendly initiatives which are also made available to view on each brand’s website. 

In terms of style, the stores like Oh Polly that truly grasp the ‘hottie aesthetic’ that overtakes the brand are White Fox Label and Meshki. On any day one can shop at either White Fox Label or Meshki and walk away with a haul as big as the ones they can get at Oh Polly. 

Since the dawn of the Kardashian-inspired, Instagram-focused glam girl, satin corsets, ruched mini dresses, and super sexy two pieces have been a hit for stores like Oh Polly. Online boutiques like White Fox Label and Meshki cater to that audience and do so very well. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Are The Most Affordable?

Of all the stores like Oh Polly we’ve mentioned, White Fox Label and Stelly are the most affordable—with Stelly being the most affordable overall.

The Stelly woman can rest assured that even the brand’s formal dresses are, on average, listed below $100. White Fox Label also has a wide range of products for under $100 with the occasional climb towards $100+.

However, both brands retail most of their hot-ticket items—like dresses—for starting at around $40. 

Which Stores Like Oh Polly Offer the Best Quality?

Oasis offers the best quality apparel out of all the stores like Oh Polly. This is due to the environmentally-friendly materials used to make the designs at Oasis alongside the sustainable practices put in place to manufacture the brand’s goods. When you buy a piece from Oasis you’re getting a garment or accessory that’s built to last.   

Final Thoughts

Oh Polly is a popular boutique for a reason and if Instagram is any indicator, then it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The brand speaks to the young millennial woman and the gen Z-er who are stepping into their own sense of style. 

The brand’s charitable background gives it a unique edge and evokes a sense of emotion within the shopper. Yet, even with all the convenience and shipping offers, Oh Polly might not be convenient for every shopper. 

Consider for a moment, the currency. With only one set currency for the Americas (USD), Oh Polly can be excessively priced for Canadian and Mexican shoppers due to conversion fees and duties. So, diversifying your options with other stores like Oh Polly is a good idea. It will lead you to similar brands that offer pricing in your currency.

Oh Polly will always be in a league of its own, even with a slew of similar competitors, but it’s a delight for shoppers to know they can achieve a similar look with options better suited for them.

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