30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas 

About Sukuna Tattoos

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Calling all Jujutsu Kaisen superfans, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for a new way to show off your adoration for your favorite manga series, you’ve found the right guide. Within the next several paragraphs you’ll be completely informed about Sukuna tattoo ideas and ready to get your own.  

Though there is no definitive information on the origin of this specific tattoo, there’s no denying that this ultra-unique imagery has become quite the trend amongst manga maniacs and even general ink addicts. 

Whether large or small scale, the Sukuna tattoo is based on the Sukuna character in the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s the series’ most dynamic and polarized villain with a sad and sinister past. 

If you’re no manga fan but appreciate the art of tattooing, you may also find this guide useful. We’ve collected only the best Sukuna tattoo ideas to give you some inspiration for your next—or first—trip to the parlor. After reading this guide you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • The history of the Sukuna tattoo 
  • The symbolism tied to the Sukuna tattoo meaning 
  • The best Sukuna tattoo designs 

Read on to find out more as we dive into this anime world, and get to know this deeply disturbed character. We’ll also find out why some have decided to immortalize him on their bodies. 

What Do Sukuna Tattoos Mean and Symbolize?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Ryomen Sukuna, generally known as Sukuna, is a spirit so cursed he’s known as the King of Curses. In the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna is the primary antagonist and he was apparently an ‘imaginary demon’ many years ago. 

However, we find out later on that Sukuna was actually a powerful human sorcerer. After being defeated by other sorcerers, Sukuna became a cursed spirit. 

As a demon, he appears with four arms and two faces. Yet his host form—which is the appearance most often tattooed—is that of a human man with pink spiked hair and unique markings on his forehead, nose, cheeks, tongue, and torso.  

Sukuna is also what I would consider a ‘chic’ demon. His everyday look includes a soft-colored kimono with black trim paired with a black scarf and black shoes.

His human form is a twisted take on the appearance of his host – and the series protagonist – Yuji Itadori. When Yuji is not being possessed by Sukuna he appears without the markings on his face and body. 

The Sukuna story arch is one of the most popular and rich stories told within the Jujutsu Kaisen series. It’s one of torment, evil, and despair. And some even argue he became a cursed spirit on purpose because the evil within his human form was far too great. 

If you come across Sukuna tattoo ideas or see a Sukuna tattoo on someone else, know that it could hold a number of meanings. 

As mentioned, Sukuna is one of the series’ most complex and unique characters with a storyline that’s both twisted and horrific. Some people approach the Sukuna tattoo with respect for this story, and the depth of this deeply disturbed character. 

Sukuna tattoos can also symbolize an overall adoration for the show. Some people showcase this admiration with a tattoo of their favorite character.

While Sukuna has harmed many, many people throughout the series’ multiple volumes, some people can’t help but root for a well-written antagonist. 

A Sukuna tattoo could also represent controversial ideals linked to some of the decisions the character makes within the series. Though the most common meaning and purpose of a Sukuna tattoo is simply to show appreciation of the popular manga series. 

Where to get a Sukuna Tattoo

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Though many have gotten this tattoo over the years, there is no official spot on the body for a Sukuna tattoo.

Like many other tattoos, depending on the size and style, there are many places you can get a Sukuna tattoo. However, these are the most popular spots where these tattoos are placed. 

  • Arm 

The arm may be the most common place for anime-related tattoo placements. While some opt for a whole sleeve of characters, others have placed their Sukuna tattoo design on the arm, ranging from the biceps to the forearm.

  • Hand

The back of the hand is another popular spot for a Sukuna tattoo. While some people prefer large sale designs that also cover their wrist and forearm, others are satisfied with just Sukuna’s sinister tongue-revealing smirk on the back of their hand.

  • Shoulder 

The back of the shoulder is another common location for a variety of tattoos—whether manga-related or not. The back of the shoulder provides a larger canvas for much more elaborate or intricate Sukuna tattoo designs.

  • Leg

While some people say that leg tattoos are amongst the most painful, it doesn’t stop Sukuna fans from taking the risk. Don’t be surprised if you see that iconic Sukuna smirk on a shin, or the demon/host mash-up of both Sukuna and Yuji on someone’s calf. 

The life of your Sukuna tattoo is entirely dependent on how committed you are to taking care of it. Any tattoo artist or ink addict will tell you that getting tattooed is only the first step in a lifelong process.

Like most things you want to get the most out of, tattoos require upkeep to ensure you’re receiving the best life out of your ink.

To ensure your tattoo is always as vibrant as it was when you first received it, keep the skin hydrated, protected from the sun, and don’t miss your touchup appointments.

How Much Do Sukuna Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

The cost is dependent on the Sukuna tattoo idea design as well as a list of other factors. It’s also worth noting that most tattoos require a deposit that comes with stipulations detailed by the artist or organization the artist works for. We’ve broken down a few of these key factors below.

  1. The Artist

    No two tattoo artists are alike and every artist has a rate they base their services on (which is based on a host of things including their own experience and the intricacy of your design). Remember that tattoo artists are artists as well. So oftentimes they can help you pick a premade design or customize a design for you based on what you want.
  2. Time

    Just like other parlor or salon services (i.e. hair or nails), when listing a price, tattoo artists consider the time the design will take to complete. While some tattoos can be completed within an hour or less, other more intricate or larger scale tattoos can require more than one appointment.
  3. Color

    Some artists specialize in colored tattoos while some artists don’t offer color services at all. The artists that do may also consider this when pricing, since coloring a tattoo requires a different set of skills and work. Coloring the tattoo also adds to the time it takes to complete the work, which can also increase the price. 
30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

A veteran tattoo artist may tell you that good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Tattoos are a lifelong investment and can be rather expensive, climbing to $1000+ depending on the size of the tattoo and techniques used. 

When doing your research on pricing, work within your budget. A highly experienced artist who owns a salon may be out of your budget. 

But there are plenty of skilled, self-employed, freelance artists that are more affordable. They can also work with you, and come up with a design based on what you’re looking for. So do some research on social media to locate more artists in your area or other areas you’re interested in. 

Also, do your due diligence and extensively research the work of all the artists you’re considering.  

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Designs


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas


30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

History of the Sukuna Tattoo

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

Though there is no detailed history on who was the first to receive a Sukuna tattoo, we can assume the trend dates back to the origins of the series. 

Jujutsu Kaisen first began as a published comic series in 2018 and was a sequel to Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School. It follows the adventures of its young and helpful protagonist Yuji Itadori as he gains acceptance into a secret organization of Jujutsu sorcerers. 

With the help of the sorcerers, Yuji aims to defeat the powerful curse Sukuna. Later Yuji becomes the host for the vile curse and the series takes off onto an adventure of horror and hope. 

The anime adaptation debuted in 2020 which then created an even bigger fan base for the Jujutsu Kaisen series. However, it has been reported that anime-inspired tattoos did see a surge in popularity around 2019, so it’s possible that early fans of the manga series were the first ones to get this specific tattoo. 

The series does, however, feature 18 volumes worth of unique characters, but fans still seem to gravitate towards designs of the graphic novel’s dangerous and cold-hearted demon. 

Which Celebrities Have a Sukuna Tattoo?

30 Best Sukuna Tattoo Ideas

A quick search on the Internet won’t pull up any results of celebrities with Sukuna tattoos. However, don’t let this discourage you if you’re considering the unique body art for yourself.

You may not see your favorite rapper, actor, or influencer sporting the sinister Sukuna smile on their body, but you may find it popular amongst the manga and cosplay communities. 

Keep in mind that the Jujutsu Kaisen series is still rather young. Though the series itself is a collection of 10+ volumes, the anime show did not air until 2020. With the show gaining more fans as it goes on, your favorite celebrity may get a Sukuna tattoo in the future. 

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